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  1. So I've posted on here before that I have no symptoms and docs discovered I may have celiac disease from a blood test performed for another reason entirely. I've since had a biopsy and had the celiac disease diagnosis confirmed, whilst I present no immediate symptoms apparently the biopsy showed...
  2. Thanks guys, you're right, lot to take in! Separate pans etc seems a bit much? I'd formerly been happy that I'd washed them enough to use the for raw chicken then cooked etc - seems a bit melodramatic? I know I have to take it seriously but where do you draw the line? My house is never...
  3. Hi guys, just been diagnosed with coeliacs disease. I have no symptoms, was discovered in a blood test for something unrelated and confirmed in a biopsy. I don't know how seriously I should take this? Obviously I've cut out gluten but I don't know how thorough about it I should be. EG. Buttering...
  4. Great thanks, will have a read through! I'm sure I'll be back with more questions soon lol - like how am I going to live without hobnobs?!
  5. Hi all, new here! I went to docs recently for blood tests for something unrelated and when the results came back they said they think I have coeliacs disease and an under active thyroid. A work friend of my partners is a coeliac and always says she has violent d+v almost immediately if she ever...