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  1. Just a follow up. I went to my sister's dr as I couldn't get into mine and he wasn't concerned about allergies. He said to just be vigilant to not eat gluten. I have been doubled over with pain lately and he was asking if there is a family history of IBD. He said I really need to get the scopes done...
  2. Thanks for all the advice. I've booked an appointment with my doctor this afternoon. I believe I'm having a Gastroscope (upper endoscope) and colonoscopy. I'm on the waiting list and was told it would be around mid December.. But they haven't given me a definitive date. My my doctor hasn...
  3. Hi, I'm just after some advice/ opinions. Here is my background story: I've always had tummy issues and for years have said 'I can't eat bread, it doesn't agree with me' so I started to cut it out of my diet. Last year my dad was diagnosed with celiac disease. When he was diagnosed I was tested...