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  1. I have been looking for an explanation to what exactly I have, as my doctor just said that I have the genes that cause Celiac. They never went any further than that.... The wikipedia link makes some sense, but at the same time it does not. It almost seems like I have 1 full DQ2, and half of...
  2. Hi, Yes, I have for sure been through the ringer. It is at the point that my co-workers now request that if I ever have to do another gluten challenge that I either work from home the entire time, take a medical leave or find a new job. My wife does not want to deal with me on the challenge...
  3. Hi, I had the test done at Mayo. I was on a gluten free diet based off of a diet that my allergist had put me on after he diagnosed me with silent reflux (for a few years I had issues of chronic coughing during the fall and winter months). He put me on a very low carb diet, to which research...
  4. Hi, I was wondering if some of the other better educated people on this forum can help me understand the genetic testing results that I received. My doctor just told me that I have the genes that can cause celiac, but never discussed exactly which ones. In my lab results page I have 2...
  5. My daughter tested very positive for Celiac which was confirmed with the Endoscopy. Her doctor suggested that my wife and I get tested. We had thought that I may have it as well as I had been on a extremely low carb diet that one of my doctors put me on to help control my reflux, which a lot...