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  1. Hey there guys im a year 19 old male from syd , australia.. I was diagnosed roughly 6/7 months ago, however in the years leading upto being diagnosed i was a football player with a great build and weighed around 77 kilos (170 LBS) and of course going through the horrible diagnoses and diet change, i dropped a lot of weight and gt down to 140 lbs only a few months back, which was quite a hard hit on me physically and emotionally. But since i have resumed building back up ,lifting weights and using my body, after workouts in the following days my muscles typically in my back / shoulders / neck - Knot up like crazy and get extremely stiff and i end up iwth terrible migraines becuase of lack of blood flow and have to pay $$ for massage/manipulations.. I ccant understand it, thinking about the hectick workouts i used to do even when i was becoming sick which were 3 or 4 times as gruelling as my workout now which only includes, light boxing , pushups and some chinups thats it .. Its really stressing me out i just want to know how to avoid these headaches and muscle knotting but maintain my training.. can anyone suggest anything at all please guys!!!! any assistance much appreciated cheers crew dan
  2. Hey there peoples I have been fairly well since my last posts in early 06 after defeating a helicobacter stomach infection on top of celiac healing.. I Have had a strict 0% gluten diet and have been fairly well over last few months, i just feel i have received several glutenings at my girlfriends place just over a week ago... i keep getting a nauseous / quivering feeling where i think im about to throwup, ive honestly never had that before , its revolting... sure ive had diareohea/bowel problems but this is more stomach felt and behind the ribs... my main question is that if a celiac is glutened can symptoms last for over a week? and also does the glutening damage and inflame his/her stomach ? or is it something your over with after two days or so.. i dont know whether to put it down to my gluten poisening and just think , dont worry your stomachs been damaged just chill out and cope with it... or go to the doctors and get a blood / sample test ... any help much appreciated guys!!! cheers
  3. hey JADE how you doin. im a coeliac from syd australia.. where bouts you from, how old are you? add me if you use msn victoria_bittah@hotmail.com I dont check heree much anymore, so email me for sure good to see more aussies online here peace x -dan
  4. Greeting fellow celiacs, had a question i thought i might post as i am curious to know the answer. Would non medical drugs such as estacy, heroin, LSD , speed / amphetamines etc contain gluten ?? Not a personel question by any means, i have just have heard different opinions and wanted to find out for sure.. regards dann
  5. hey there, just a quick question... (and please do not exaggerate or mis interpret, thankyou ) i have celiac disease, was wondering if one was to have a lactose/dairy intolerance, do dairy/lactose foods flatten the villi as well gluten does ?? thankyou crew dann
  6. hey there ive been on an ongoing 3/4 week battle now with my movements after food... as mentioned in pervious posts, iv got constant feeling of unfinished stools and bloating/gas/diarohea you name it..... im just not normal!!! i know my body is reacting to something other than gluten as well.... i tried soy milk etc, avoiding lactose/diary.... that has not worked so im back on cows milk however im thinking im thinking i have other intoleerances..... enterolab.com sounds great, but im an aussie???? what tests can i get ??? i feel so isolated , it sucks... please tell me some names of food sensitivtity tests i can have done, to cure this ... thankyou crew dan
  7. Hey there guys.. OK over the last two weeks, my stool movements have not been right .... iv had diarohea a couple of times initally , but mainly the real symptoms are my constant 24/7 feelings of "unfinished movements" therefor i always feel like i have to goto the toilet... like i siad my movements arent necasarily runny or watery, (although they were intially), but i still am going alot more times a day and get that unfinshed feeling all the time... it sucks, it feels like somethings in my body isnt doing its job .... i really want to get a colonoscopy done or some bowel x-rays.... i had a endoscopy and biopsy done like 7 weeks ago which determined i was celiac... but for the first 4/5 weeks things were ok!! but after that everything seems to be going from bad to worse... i tried lactose free diet for a week, that just made me sick so im back on milk and im pretty sure im not lactose/dairy intolerant... but yeah, im losing weight and getting stressed/depressed about this... its hard cos my local doctors dont re-open for another few dyas being xmas, so its crap just sitting here waiting for the day they open... any suggesions?? please send your thoughs...im desperate for answers thanks crew -dan
  8. hey there, was diagnosed about 6 weeks ago and for the first 4 weeks i could stomach dairy , however was getting these unknown loss of breaths and a sort of reaction afterwards , didnt know at the time it could be attibuted to being also lactose intolerance.... iv started lactose/dairy free, i was wondering if this happened to anyone else?? the fact they also became lactose intolerant only a short time after being diagnosed???? whenever i have dairy/lactose now, like when i re-introduce it... it sort of makes me feel like im going to diahorrea and just yuck all day in the stomach in general , going to the toilet heaps after any food i eat etc... should i wait maybe a few weeks on the lactose/dairy free diet (as well as gluten free) and then maybe try and re-introduce it again >?> send your thoughts thankyou dan
  9. hey there, im from sydney australia... im 18 years old and i was diagnosed about 6 weeks ago... i was doing really well , wasnt gaining weight back, but felt pretty good overall... but theres so much paranoia and anxiety hitting me because of some of my symptoms of the late... this is gross , but i need to get it off my chest... im having a cereal that has HEAPS of muesli and oats and grains etc.. and when i have this cereal on certain days, my stool is different!!.... i can see HEAPS of parts of the cereal throughout my stool.... and some parts are dark and some parts are light coloured.... i know its so friggin disgusting!!! please dont discard my post cos of this ,trust me im hygenic as hell. !!! but yeh , on other days when i have the cereal its normal...... is this a bad thing?? could it be that the cereal is no good for me cos it cant absorb the oats & muesli etc???? please help ASAP thankyou anyone who can help me.. dan
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