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  1. I'm sure she did that first. I go in on the 7th to talk to her about my pain and what can be done. I'll ask for a copy of everything.
  2. A couple weeks ago I had the upper and lower scopes done. My gastroenterologist called me this morning telling me that everything looked fine. She told me that my blood work wasn't great because I have low ferritin and high b12. Is it possible to have celiacs even if the biopsies came back normal...
  3. Thanks for letting me know. I'll stop the diet and start eating gluten again. I'll just take the probiotics to help with the stomach pains.
  4. They told me that since I have been exposed to gluten for so long that the damage should be noticeable. I'm not sure of the celiac tests that were done but I do know that my ferritin was 11. My b12 I'm not sure the number. After I eat things with gluten, I get super tired and my stomach hurts so...
  5. I've had my gallbladder checked and it came back fine. I'm fair, female and 17. I haven't noticed high fatty foods bothering me.
  6. Hello, two years ago I started having bad stomach issues. I felt like someone had been stabbing me in my right side constantly. I was sent to the gastrointerologist and she ordered a ton of test, including TSH tests and celiac tests. She did an MRI and everything came back fine but my stomach...