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  1. Sorry - didnt realize you couldnt see it. Talked about all grains having gluten.
  2. Thanks everyone for your comments and support. I stumbled uppon this vid. Id be interested in what you guys think. https://www.(Company Name Removed - They Spammed This...
  3. Pretty much whole foods. No processed food fo awhile now.
  4. No DH just the psoriasis....so strange. To be clear, all my psa and p are gone.
  5. Hi. Im 49 male. I was diagnosed with celiac disease last year. In high school, I was diagnosed with psoriasis (p) and psoriatic arthritis (psa). For 30 years about I took high...
  6. You guys are the best! Just hearing encouraging words makes a huge difference! I have another question. Can malabsorption happen without GI symptoms?
  7. Thanks for the response. Im very carefull of what I eat now. Lots of meat, fish, veg, brown rice, yogurt and eggs. Do you guys think there is a connection between celiacs and...
  8. Im 49. Diagnosed with celiac 10 months ago (gluten free for ten months. I was 5'11 153 lbs. Stomach pain and weight loss before diagnosis. In 3 months I was 125 lbs. Allot of muscle...
  9. I was officially diagnosed with celiac in December. The biopsy showed "moderate to severe" villa damage. My question is how long does it take to have severe damage? I had stomach...
  10. Six months ago I started having stomach pain and losing weight. I saw a gastrologist 2 months ago. He ordered a blood test and scheduled me for endoscope and colonooscopy. The...