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  1. Me again I have a belly piercing for almost 10years a year ago i had127 pounds and no problems with it.Now a year later i have105 pounds(so i lost weigt) but my piercing is too tight and its imposible to have it in belly i had to remove it.Is that a sign of bloating stomach?
  2. Hi its me again i have gastroenterologist in 12 february (probably blood tests)and then endoscopy in 3 months. I had dentist he again mentioned celiac and we had a realy long talk about it he explaind to me all about gluten and celiac he knows someone with celliac.He told me that i may have...
  3. What about email address is it visible ?
  4. If i were you i would not tell for celiac .Because you are not applying for job where you had to work with gluten
  5. yes it's true i have really good dentist and dental hygienist...she told me that my teeth are melting .She still thinks celiac or reflux.Doctor thinks Crohn's disease also lucky for me am almost in line for doctor.And then i believe that blood test will be soon.For biopsy i ll have to wait at least...
  6. Thanks i have my dentist today and i will ask a little bit more .Because i was surprised when dentist said did you had gastroscopy i believe that something is wrong with your stomach and dental hygienist said i believe that flower may destroy your teeth.So now comes the waiting part i hope that i...
  7. i am pastry chef but i never worked with flour I worked in different industries.And my dental hygienist said that i may have celiac because my teeth enamel is really bad. i lost 3 teeth by age 23 I have stinky diarrhea at least one day at week sometimes with blood sometimes with slime sometimes...