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  1. I have decided to do the full blood panel to test for celiac and talked my doctor into ordering it for me (this was no small feat), I was following a gluten free diet for about a month before this decision. I have been back eating gluten for two weeks now but am wondering how long should I be...
  2. Thanks to each of you for the tips and information, I have a doctor apt next Thursday, I am going to ask for the additional blood work and telling him I want a HIDA scan ordered. I have been eating gluten free the last two weeks I still don't feel the greatest but should I go back to eating...
  3. Hi, I am so confused and frustrated I don’t know if I should be on a gluten free diet or not. I have not been feeling well for a while, bloating, chest pain/pressure, pain in my back radiating around to the right side that wakes me up at night, I have bouts with constipation and then loose s...