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  1. It's called Biaggis Ristorante. I can't wait to try it. Its new. Yes, It's called Biaggis Ristorante. I take it pf Changs is chinese food? I would kill for some chinese food right about now !
  2. I have taken Lexapro for 2 months now and did not have any of the crying or crazy feelings I think it has actually helped me. My personal opinion is if you don't feel weel on it. Go off to it. But I am not a Dr. Be careful and taper yourself.
  3. I found a restaurant in Eastview mall thet has a gluten free menu. I spoke to the chef and he said that everything is cooked seperately and cross contamination is not possible. My husband and I intend on visiting there soon. I was diagnosed in October and we have not been out since then. Ironically we were married in July and we got a gift certificate as a wedding gift. I hope this helps someone.
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