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  1. I should have known better than to believe the gluten free labeling . But I googled and didn't find any horror stories. So I gave this a try and needless to say, i got contaminated. Just wanted to warn those of you so you wouldn't make the mistake . Wish u all the best.
  2. you're right . There's no way I could even consider it. I just wished I had a diagnosis for people in my family that think I'm being a Hypocondriac . But they'll just have to think what they want Bc I am physically unable to go through that. Thanks for your response . Wish you the best !
  3. I had my gallbladder removed 6 years ago without any complication. But I'm right with you! I will never purposely eat gluten again. It destroys my body and my life . People have no idea how serious it is. I'm pretty sure I have celiac as well but there's no way I could ever eat it for as long as...
  4. The odd thing is I ate some for the first time yesterday and didn't have a reaction. Then I had some again today and within a few hours a headache started, that eventually turned into a migraine where I later puked, sweated, chilled & felt the room spin. Which is how I react to gluten. This...
  5. all of my life I have suffered from migraines. Even as far back as a toddler. At age 15 I was falling alseep in class due to how tired I was and Bc my headaches were hurting me so bad. I recall every evening coming home, excited to lay in a dark room Bc there was never a day my head wasn't absolutely...