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  1. I am aware of what actually needs to be done to cleanse the gluten, but when I am unable to take a blow torch to it, I make due with what I have. I stay In one spot and try to get away as much as I can. Have to do what I have to do. So if I have to resort to cleaning with that till I have time...
  2. I actually asked. But where I work, they have specific keyboards in the computer so I wasn't able to. So now I'm just beyond careful. I wish tho!!
  3. I use Lysol wipes, and sanitize my hands a lot. If I have to come into contact with food I wear gloves.
  4. I can understand that struggle, when I was eating gluten and had to for my scope my hair died, I was so sick I wasn't getting anything to my hair so it just basically shrivelled up and dried out completely. It's only now. A year and a bit later, and having to cut it all off is growing back healthish...
  5. Hey, I don't know what the whole thing is, but I get anxiety a lot when it comes to smells and touch. I get a rash when I come into contact and even walking through places like bakeries or bread sections and stuff give me really bad migraines. Since I have gone back to work after my sick...
  6. Hey, there was a popcorn shell stuck in my throat so it was swollen for about 2 weeks. But as per the tests they came back normal I don't know what my body is telling me but. Wish I knew because it's making me mental and I'm starving.
  7. Went to the dr and the ultra sound came back negative, so since the popcorn swelling I guess I created subconsciously that I can't eat without it swelling and have massive panic attacks when doing so. So, I have to try and over come that and build up eating confidence again, and know that it isn...
  8. Hey, so I have been diagnosed a year now this aug, this part month i have had swelling in my throat, I thought I had scratched it trying to get a popcorn kernel out (also very bad choice) but it just got worse. Every time I eat it feels like it's swelling till I can barely breath. It's been a few...