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  1. Hey all! I REALLY need to know what multivitamins are gluten free!! I have more medical problems than a near-celiac extreme gluten intolerance and my body is rejecting other vitamins and need a multivitamin!!
  2. I was clung to my carmex chapstick before I got sick, does anyone know if the plain old original carmex is gluten free??
  3. What are some eggnog brands that are safe? Or some that I should steer clear of?
  4. What ingredients do I have to look out for in make up and lip make ups
  5. Has anyone had any luck with McDonalds shakes?
  6. With fall coming up, and it being my first gluten free fall, I am wondering if apple cider is gluten free?
  7. I have been gluten free now since February and I recently purchased a box of Marshmallows Fruity Pebbles and looked at the ingredients (which none indicated gluten content), but am just wondering if anyone has had a problem with them.
  8. I just have a question about Gluten Free baking. I just recently found out that I have to be 100% gluten-free, but I used to love to bake. I was wondering if I can substitute the flour in my old recipes with all-purpose or baking Gluten Free flour? or will it change the consistency of my baked goods...
  9. I'm still kind of new to gluten free eating and was wondering about a couple ingredients. I have an app on my phone where I can scan the barcode and it tells me if its gluten free or not. Ingredients like dextrose and Maltextrin always pop up as "can be gluten free". I'm just wondering what others...
  10. Hi, I just joined the group. I don't have celiacs, but I just got diagnosed with an EXTREME intolerance to gluten and have to eat and do everything like I do have celiacs. My doctor wanted me to start taking anti-acids, but I just don't know which ones I can take that have no traces of gluten. She...