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  1. Thanks for the reply! The Dr didn't say much, other than that "Dh only appears on the backs of the elbows", and since I did go to a derm he said they were the experts and he couldn't diagnose it - especially since I hadn't been eating gluten as much up 'till the appt. However, he wants to do an...
  2. Hi squirmingitch, Yes it's true - I'd gone to two or three doctors suspecting celiac disease and with my rash, however they all looked at me like I was just buying into the gluten-free hype and not someone with an actual problem. So I decided to take it into my own hands and get as much evidence...
  3. GI Appt tomorrow; anything that I should know or keep in mind? Background Info: Summer 2015: Extremely dry, flaky skin and scalp leading to dandruff. Lotion, vaseline, steroidal medications did pretty much nothing. Visited derm and all they prescribed me was dandruff shampoos (?). March...
  4. Not quite sure if I can help but my experiences have been somewhat similar. I'd been struggling with extremely dry skin/scalp and thought it could be due to fat malabsorption/ my body absorbing it and not using it. So I tried going off gluten for 2-4 weeks and back on it. After I went back...
  5. Hi squirmingitch, So sorry to hear that you're having to struggle though another outbreak of dh. I dont have anything constructive to say, just that I wish you well and hope you're feeling better soon. I just wanted to comment on how similar my rash has been to yours - so many have said...
  6. I've been experiencing the same thing - except in opposite! I'm in the process of getting tested for celiac, but I had asthma, eczema, and food allergies (all nuts + peanuts, egg, fish) plus being lactose intolerant. However, I outgrew the childhood asthma and it had lessened so much so that I only...
  7. Hi there! I'm new to this forum but it's like a jackpot of great information and advice, so I decided to drop by and introduce myself (and hopefully elicit a bit of advice to my situation as well). Also warning, I'm sorry if the description of my skin rashes may be graphic to you, so I'd just...