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  1. Gluten CAN be ingested through inhalation, if it ends up in the back of the throat and as a result, ingested. I am quite surprised by the fixation on the word "glutened" here. If one regards glutening as only happening when you ingest a food containing gluten, fine. The bottom line is I and others...
  2. My post might have given some people the impression that I was looking for confirmation that feeling sick from a neighbor's cooking with gluten is possible, but that's not the case. I already know it's possible. It's something I have had to avoid on a regular basis. This is true not only of me, but...
  3. Thanks, but there is no question that it's from the neighbor's cooking. It's in the hallway as well. Just had the spaces on the wall under the sink filled with expanding foam sealant tonight, so will see if that helps. Some celiacs are that sensitive as you'll read here:
  4. I have celiac disease. People recently moved into the apartment next to mine and I've started having more symptoms. Yesterday and today were especially bad - major brain fog, pinching, neurological symptoms, frenzied state. The smell is coming from the lower cabinets. Strong odor when I open the...