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  1. I'm not sure if the same lab was used, but it was the same scale. I already don't eat out (no safe options near me) and I make sure everything I buy that is processed says "Gluten free" on it. I am considering cutting out all processed foods next, but that is a big step. Thanks for your...
  2. Hi, I am hoping someone can offer some advice. I originally had a TTG IGA positive test. The number was 17.1. I was eating a lot of gluten back then. I had a biopsy, confirmed celiac disease, and have carefully been following a gluten free diet. I replaced my pots and pans, avoid cross-contamination...
  3. Thanks so much for your responses! I am very new to this and just starting my research obviously. My general physician is the one that ordered the blood tests, and I think she only did those 2. She also told me to just start a gluten free diet and that is was not necessary to pursue any more...
  4. Hi all, my physician did a blood test for celiac because of my high liver enzymes. The TTG IGA test was above high normal, and the TTG IGG test was negative. I have some symptoms, including a rash on my hands that seems like dh. I was referred to a Gastro clinic but the first appointment I could...