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  1. I had high hopes when I found this MB. They were quickly dashed. My first post here was a reasonable question that got no answer. In the meantime, I've read the most ridiculous hypochondriac crap! This MB is doing Harm to any understanding of people who actually have celiac disease. It's revolting.
  2. Being a recovering junkie, it's obvious to me that the two have nothing in common. I don't put much faith in research results until they have been proven and re-proven over time and through real world experience. Researchers also tend to contradict one another for a long time until things get sorted out. I think medical science is still very primative. The common cold, most other viruses, MS etc - there are more mysteries than answers around.
  3. That's funny Stef, I probably had that exact same book in my hands about a week ago. After going to the matinee of Narnia, my wife convinced me to walk across the parking lot to TJ Maxx and Ross's where I picked up the book. I didn't buy it - In fact I got distracted by some BBQ books, and then some nice cookware Robin was picking out. Good deals at those stores! Just to clarify, I forgot my signature doesn't say we are living in Carlisle. When I said the exact same book, I literally meant it
  4. Nomad, For me the symptoms are painful and urgent poops. Constipation is something that I still have difficulty imagining. Maybe the opposite symptoms happen, but not in my experience.
  5. For me, there is no question, the pizza will hurt much worse than accidentally eating small amounts of gluten.
  6. I think words like "addictive" and "withdrawal" are inaccurate. If your symptoms stay the same or get worse for a while, it might be an expulsion or a painful cleansing.
  7. Your family sneaking gluten into meals is inexcusable. I agree with some of the others though about taking some control and seeking other avenues. You said your family wouldn't find an apartment for you. You may have to take the initiative on this. When I was in school I found a couple of friends and friends of friends and we got a house that cost us only $150 apiece rent. It was very manageable with my busboy/valet job. If you stay at home either cook for yourself or offer to cook good gluten-free for the family.
  8. I've never been diagnosed by a doctor. I had always been prone to diarrhea, and it was gradually getting worse over the years. My older sister was much worse, and was misdiagnosed many times before a bright doctor told her to try a gluten free diet almost ten years ago. It helped alot after a short while. I quickly noticed that I tended to get very bad and painful diarrhea after eating things like pizza, pasta or subs. I had never made the connection to something as seemingly benign as wheat flour. I tried cutting out other foods like dairy, meat, spicy stuff, before but not surprizingly, it didn't help. In fact cutting out meat made it much worse because I ended up eating more gluten. I never bothered to go to a doctor about it because it was pretty obvious what was going on once my sister was properly diagnosed.
  9. Penn State

    I love Rillo's. You are probably familiar with it, but if not, they have a great Italian menu (not so much Italian-American). Good seafood, pork, chicken and beef dishes that don't include pasta, breading or bread. It's always a risk to eat out I suppose, but I've never had any problems there. The Cottage Pie is good at Market Cross Pub too, but its hard to stay away from the English beer. Cancun is pretty good too. I gotta admit, I was really rooting for WVU last night! It was the sorta David and Goliath scenario that makes College sports fun.
  10. Penn State

    Hey Laura, I'm really close to that Applebees. Nice area overall. I think I'll be here for a while. Sorry about UGA .
  11. Penn State

    I'm just down the road in Carlisle, PA. I like PSU. But my heart is with the underdog Mountaineers in the Sugar Bowl! Used to live in Morgantown, WV - similar to State College, but much more insane! Teebs?
  12. I'm not angry at all. Having options is a luxury. The lack of understanding is just an annoyance. I am spoiled, and I'm not going to get upset because a have to eat meat, potatoes, vegetables and rice. I'm sorry for how blunt my response sounds, but i'm a boy - can't help it I think it's a good way to look at it.
  13. Some people just don't understand that any food can be bad. My dad is that way. Explain to your son's uncle that the symptoms are symilar to dysentery and it would be similar to him having a nice glass of sewer water. Feel free to be graphic - it might help the message get through.
  14. Exact same thing! I don't know where all that water goes.
  15. Maybe my family has a very strong genetic predisposition, but the symptoms have always been there for my sister and myself. They have just steadily gotten worse over time. when I was in school I used to have to run to the toilet in the afternoon pretty regularly. People told me I had a "nervous stomach", but it never made sense to me because it happened when I wasn't nervous - it usually happened some time after lunch .
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