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  1. This is our very long back story and then can I get some advice? (This is long. For a summary skip to ***) My daughter will be 6 in April and she possibly has celiac. At about a year old she was diagnosed FTT. At that time we suspected celiac and at 18 months old we went through with...
  2. hello, my daughter is 4 and has been getting what I originally thought were bug bites for a few months now, and they are worsening with each exposure. She is very newly diagnosed and I'm still learning. I believe she gets these in relation to when she was getting "glutened" and they come for...
  3. Hi- new here but have been reading a lot of posts (Long post, last two paragraphs have actual question) my four year old daughter probably has celiac but I don't know if I'll ever get a definitive diagnosis at this point. Backstory: growth Delays, GI issues and a few other...