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  1. As explained in an answer above, my celiac diagnosis was first based on symptoms and later this year it was finally found in biopsy that I have villous damage. Whether this damage indicates celiac or something else - I am as sure as my doctor is. That's why looking for some external help. No...
  2. Hi, Thanks for your reply again. Yes, I understand that IgA deficiency does not conclude celiac - and this is what I was most frustrated about my diagnosis 11 months back. They did not see any villi damage in biopsy ( 3 biopsies - 2 duodenum and 1 Ileum) - There diagnosis was based on my symptoms...
  3. Thank you ! I will surely take your advice. I have not been eating soy over a month now
  4. Hi , Thanks a lot for a detailed reply. So, do you mean that I can never be sure that I am having a strictly gluten-free diet unless I leave all kind of cereals and soy? The food laws in India are not so strict, infact the awareness about celiac and gluten-free food is also very limited. It...
  5. Thanks a lot for your advice and the link. I will surely check upon GCED. But, doesn't a negative HTTG (can't do IgA ttg as IgA deficiency) result mean that I am not exposed to gluten ?
  6. Thank you for going through my long post and responding. I have been both dairy and gluten-free free for 10 months now. Yes, even I was worried about other food allergies. I mentioned it to my GI doc and asked if I need food allergy test to eliminate other allergens. He said, food allergy tests...
  7. Hello Everyone, This is my first post here and I am writing to seek help from experienced people here. I have been suffering for over 4 years now and still no where close to having a solution/ satisfactory diagnosis of my problem. My problems started in Mar 2012 with sudden diarrhea which would...