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  1. Has any of celiac patient here symtom like headache with, right before or after pain on belly button ? My daughter feels headache just before pain on belly button or just after pain on belly button , then she goes to the bathroom !! Her stool half solid half liquid shape .. After then her both pain went .. She feels ok then !! ( sorry for my poor english )but i need help desperately !! I cant c my child in any sort of disease , i cant sleep i cant eat .. I m in lot of tension as i cant not live without her !!!
  2. One r two slice of bread per day ... For how many time atlest before endoscopy ??
  3. Hi everyone !!! I have 9 year old daughter , she sometime feels pain near belly button for few minutes , it happens once r twice in a weak .. Or in a month ! I have her blood test report sharing with u .. Can u have any idea about it , is dis look celiac disease ?
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