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  1. Hi, i have celiac for almost one year, little bit less. I have also hashimoto, but in euthyrotic phase, so i dont need pills. For now But now i have wierd symptoms... Every morning i wake up with stiff fingers. I imediatelly thought i have rheumatoid arthritis, as it is very common with celiac... But stiff fingers are only on my left hand! My doctor ordered lab tests, and i have elevated sedimentation rate (22), CRP is normal in every test. Besides stiff fingers in the morning i have terrible low back pain (they did abdominal CT, all was clear), mostly on left side, radiates to the leg. Sometimes also other bones hurts. I am also very tired all the time. I didnt lost my weight, and other blood tests are normal, including vitamin D, b12. Do you have any ideas what is going on? Anyone else with that symptoms? Thank you so much!
  2. Hi all, this week is a sad part of my life. Not only that in 2016 i was diagnosed with celiac and hashimoto, now they told me i have retinitis pigmentosa. This is disease of the eyes, billateral and i will be blind in next years. I am wondering if it is connected to celiac anyhow? There is no cure for retinitis pigmentosa, but sometimes you can slow it down with vitamin a, thats why i am asking! Would appreciate your answers!
  3. Hi, i was diagnosed 2 months ago after horrible bone pain. Everything resolved in one month of gluten-free diet! My bone pain was gone although i feel a little ache in my bones sometimes. But it is really nothing compared to 2 months ago when i was crying almost every day. Two days ago i ate in a restaurant. It was a birthday party and i order gluten free food, although i dont have the best feeling if it was really gluten free. Well, yesterday i had again terrible bone pain in my both knees. I was crying all evening, pain killers helped but it lasted almost one hour before i feel better. Today i have really bad ache in my wrist. So, my question is (since I never had any other GI issues): How many hours, days after glutened is typically to have symptoms? Is there anyone who has bone ache as glutened symptom? Is it typical to have the same symptoms after glutened like i had before diagnose? I am not sure what to do. This bone pain triggered my anxiety although i never experienced it before that there might be something worse going on like multiple myeloma or some other horrible disease.
  4. Hi, its been more than month since my diagnosis and I can confirm: My HORRIBLE bone pain completely went away. I am taking high doses of D vitamin. I was so optimistic! I adapted to gluten free diet quite well and my life went back to normal. Untill,... my tingling in legs, hands became worse. My doctor said it is probably B12 vitamin, so i was not worried too much and she sent my blood to test for b12. I am very sad as it came back completely normal. My other blood work also came back normal, except ferritin, which is worse- 6, but hemoglobin is normal. I am so scared what does that mean? Neuropathy? MS? Any suggestions? I am so sick and scared what might be next. My other problems are: fatigue (i have to take a nap every day), brain fog, numb hands or legs. I have to say it is not always on the same side of the body. I am so scared it is MS. Any suggestions what to do? Thank you for your replies.
  5. artsunshine

    extreme fatigue after going gluten free

    thank you cycling lady! Yes, i probably have hashimotos, i will know more on 10th of january. My lab tests were high on TSH. My hemoglobin is in normal range after one month of taking iron pills, but my ferritin stayed 7, which is really low. My bone pain is almost over, it still hurts a bit, but it is nothing comparing to 20 days ago. So this is a big plus! I lost brother and sister due to car accident and trust me, not eating my favorite foods is the last thing that i could care. I love my parents so much that i am simply responsible that i dont die and prevent that as much as i can. That is why i am so scared. Thank you so much.
  6. Hi, i never had typical symptoms and i have celiac. My only symptom was horrible bone pain, and I also thought that positive celiac test is some kind of mistake. Many people dont have symptoms at all. Good luck!
  7. artsunshine

    extreme fatigue after going gluten free

    Yes i am low on ferritin (my level is 7) and low on Vitamin D (my level is 21,8). B12 wasnt checked. My calcium is in normal range. It is day 18 and i am still tired, it feels like constant flu. I dont sleep 15 hours anymore, but also am not feeling better. I hope this is just temporary. Fact is that i was undiagnosed so many years (i am 25 years old) and i have significant higher chances for lymphoma and small bowel cancer. Lets hope all resolves well.
  8. Hi all, i have confirmed celiac disease. I am 10 days gluten free now and never felt so bad! I sleep for 15 or 16 hours per day and i am still exhausted. I am so tired i cannot stay awake. Ive seen topics about gluten withdrawal, but i dont have classic symptoms, just extreme fatigue. Anyone else experienced this after going gluten free? Before diagnosis i didnt have other sympoms except terrific bone pain, which is already better. I am really scared what is going on. Could it be that i have also some other disease, like MS, or hashimoto and thats why i am so tired? I still have muscle twitches in my legs, i have muscle fiber all the time even though i am not sporting at the moment. I increased magnesium and it doesnt seem to work. I am worried, and thank you for your kind replies. Have a beautiful day.
  9. artsunshine

    diagnosed, no symptoms.. shocked!!!!!

    Hi, i just thought to stop here and let you know what happened arter my post. My ttg is >200!!!! What does that mean? That is my vili flat as linoleum? Do i have greater risk for cancer? I might sound like i am panic, but i am not, just curious. I have seen several topic about rate ttg and rarely seen more than 200! I am afraid if my vili will grow back with this result! Did anyone have such high result and got totally cured after gluten free diet? Thank you so much!
  10. artsunshine

    diagnosed, no symptoms.. shocked!!!!!

    thank you so much for your kind replies. My doctor ordered many blood tests and everything was Ok, except iron and vitamin D. Blood sugar, kalium, natrium, calcium... everything OK. and sorry, with muscle spasms and word CCA in mean i get muscle spasms once or twice per month. I really hope it is Not Multiple sclerosis ( i know 10% of MS patients also has Celiac) I will try not to panic. But i ve been through a lot last months (i guess many of celiac patients were also before they were diagnosed) I am so sorry for bothering you....i really am.
  11. artsunshine

    diagnosed, no symptoms.. shocked!!!!!

    i am shaking as i just seen this article: "Researchers at Karolinska Institutet, Orebro University, and Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons worked together and explored the neuropathy/celiac relationship by evaluating 28,232 individuals with biopsy-verified celiac disease and 39,472 matched controls. Their findings were reported in the journal JAMA Neurology. Here’s what the authors found: Nearly 200 individuals with celiac disease were eventually diagnosed with neuropathy (0.7%) compared with 359 patients in the control group (0.3%) Overall, it was estimated that people with celiac disease were about 2.5 times more likely to be diagnosed with neuropathy than individuals who did not have the disease." The thing is that i am so scared right now. Along my horrible bone pain i also experience cca once per month muscle spasms in my legs at night time. It hurts so much, but in the morning everything is OK. I am really worried if this is a first sign of Multiplpe Sclerosis. Anyone else experiencing this? Thank you so much.... I can barely breathe, so scared.
  12. Hi all, i am obviously new there... First of all, english is not my native language, so sorry for mistakes. I went to a doctor because i had terrible bone pain and get really scared it is cancer! Blood test came back, everything seems ok, just anemia. Doctor sent me to test for celiac disease and i was thinking why? I never ever had a problem with food, my friends always joked i have an iron stomack :D, i could eat basically everything, never had food poisoning etc. I went to local pharmacy and obtain home self kit for testing celiac disease. (i am waiting my lab tests now). AND SHOCK! tTg was positive. I couldnt believe it!!! I bought another one haha ! The same. Was crying 3 days now. I will get my results (ttg and EMA) in one week and I am really sad. I know there are no real chances i dont have celiac. I just dont get it. I read everything on the internet and now i know that bone pain is quite common. I am 25 years old. Now, i have several questions, and i would be SO grateful if anyone can help me... - if i have bone pain, does that mean i have osteoporosis? Will my bone get back to normal again? How about pain? - after anemia and one month of iron syrup i totally recover ( of course that was prior diagnosis) does that mean anything? Do i have early stage of celiac? Or is that common? Other vitamines are OK, except D vitamin. - can i eat gluten free pizza at restaurant? How strict do i have to be, if i dont have symptoms? - do i need some other tests? I read that sometimes you can get cancer, sometimes you can get diabetes because of celiac. How often is that :(? THANK YOU SO MUCH!