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  1. Yes ovarian cysts ruled out. She had biopsy of gut and bowel in 2012 which didn't find anything useful. Told to go on gluten and fairy free which we tried and then thought maybe it was fat making her feel sick, she was always sick every time we ate out. Eventually I put her back on gluten and nothing...
  2. Thanks. She's gone gluten and diary free about 5 years ago so for a while and I felt it wasn't making any difference so went back to normal. She's been fine apart from the odd episode which doesn't last more than a couple of days, though in the last 4 months she's had more episodes but they haven...
  3. 11 year old DD has had really bad stomach pains lower right quadrant for over 2 weeks now, no school. Whilst she had stomach pains on and off for quite a while nothing like this, we've had 4 trips to A&E. Her stomach pain started to get worse and more often last August but would only last a few...