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  1. Thanks Ennis_Tx. Would you be able to link that page? It's just been hard dealing with this when nobody around me seems to be supportive.
  2. After a positive serum test and negative biopsy, a friend recommended the PillCam to me. I was wondering if anybody has been diagnosed through the PillCam after a negative traditional endoscopy/biopsy?
  3. After many different types of diagnoses over the years, from GI to neurological to orthopedic I have finally been tested for celiacs disease. The serum test was positive (DGP IGG), but biopsy negative. My GI diagnosed me with gluten intolerance because of the positive DGP-IGG. I have been trying...
  4. I have a few questions for knowledge celiacs and non celiac gluten sensitive individuals. I am now 28 and have had GI symptoms since 11 years old. I was diagnosed with IBS, as celiac testing was not as common 17 years ago. I then went on to be diagnosed with epilepsy, anxiety, depression and non...