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  1. I have been gluten-free since June and do feel better. The doctor just keeps saying I need to stop and eat more fiber since my tests are negative. My joints don't hurt anymore so I am very hesitant to go back to that pain. I think I will just have to try another doctor. This is a very frustrating process. Thanks for the response!
  2. I am in Pittsburgh and have been to multiple doctors for stomach issues. I had an endoscopy that showed "villous atrophy indicative of celiac sprue". I had IgG and IgA testing- both came back negative. I had genetic testing and the doctor says it is also negative, but the results say I am positive for: DQB1*03 DQB1*06 DQA1*01 DQA1*03 I have googled and googled with no luck. I guess I have a few questions. Can everything be negative and I still have Celiac disease? Or what else could cause the damage to my intestines? Does anyone know enough about genetics to interpret these positives? I know I shouldn't be seeking medical advice on a forum, but my doctors have been useless. Any advice is appreciated. Should I keep up the hunt for a doctor or is this a true negative? Thanks!
  3. Thanks guys! I didn't even realize that there were more tests until checking out this site. He gave me these exact same tests again yesterday and I am waiting for the results, but I predict another negative. I am not sure why he keeps going only the iga. I will definitely ask for the full panel and I htink a new doc might be in my future since he doesn't seem to know what tests to run. He is a GI doc so I thought I was in good hands. Thanks again for sharing your experiences.
  4. Hey guys, I am super new here so I hope this is the right place. I am really confused about my results. I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy due to bowel problems and dry heaving (also a cancer survivor so they jumped on the tests). Anyway, The endocscopy came back with blunting of the duodenal in my small intestine indicating celiac. The biopsies were tested for bacterial infections and I do not have any. However, I have had 2 negative blood screenings so the doctor doesn't think it is celiac. Has anyone been through this? what else could it be if not anything bacterial? I have read that the biopsies are more accurate than the blood. Any feedback pleae, I am so confused and tired of being sick. IGA Serum result 126 - ref range 81-463 tissue transglutam AB (IGA) result <1 - ref range <4
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