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  1. Oh and also I’m 32 years old, healthy athletic female with no previous illnesses other than that I have celiacs disease. This troubled me even more with my symptoms because I KNEW something was wrong but I just had these first few doctors treat me as if I was crazy. Forgot to add that in
  2. So I posted back in early February2017 about having some extreme brain fog, light headed, vision problems amongst other symptoms. I thought it was because I had started a strict gluten-free diet again (after eating carelessly for a couple months and being a celiac) and was possibly have gluten withdrawals or even cross contamination some how in my diet. I literally went to 3 different MD’s and even my Optometrist. And they all told me I needed to eat more and get better “quality” sleep. After a year of strict sleeping/eating schedules the symptoms never went away and it felt like this constant drunk state of going about my day. Finally I switched to a Holistic Doctor (I think that’s what type of Doctor he is). Anyways after the first appointment he pretty much knew what I had and sent my home with two take home tests. One for SIBO, the other for Adrenal Fatigue. I tested positive for both with extremely solid results. I always told myself I’d come back on this forum to share my info if I ever figured out what was wrong with me because no one seemed to know exactly what was going on and looked at me like I was some crazy lady making up stuff. I am one week on the Rx. and already feel so much better. My ability to communicate and focus in conversations is much better. I literally felt buzzed when talking before and it took way too much effort to really even stay on topic with people. And even if I did stay on topic I couldn’t remember hardly what was discussed. As of right now my vision is still slightly off, even though my optometrist said I have perfect vision. It’s more so like the room has a hard time catching up with itself when I redirect my focus. But my energy is up and I can only assume my results will keep getting better with each passing day. I hope this helps someone who’s trying to figure out what’s going on with themselves.
  3. I haven't seen my PCP in two years. And last I knew I was very healthy but had celiacs disease. My mom has a LOT of thyroid issues. That's when they made the connection that she might be celiac. Can being anemic mess with my light headedness, vision, or eyes?
  4. Ah....now that the topic has been brought up with the last 6, 7 or so months it has been heavy....I've never had heavy periods. Can you tell me why you ask?
  5. Ah....now that the topic has been brought up with the last 6, 7 or so months it has been heavy....I've never had heavy periods.
  6. What is pds? Pounds? If that's what you're asking not at all, underweight with what most people would say but I have a very tiny frame. I'm a tad over 5'9 and weigh between 126-130 (I fluctuate daily). I played sports in high school and in college and have recently started working out again 3 times a week hoping my energy levels will pick up again. I'm 31 years old so I just worry being this young and having these symptoms.
  7. Will definitely try a Whole Foods diet. Luckily this will be pretty easy for me since my husband is already on it. I'm going to have a hard time giving up coffee and creamer ?.
  8. I do really need to just at least go in and see my PCP. My only excuse is having a husband who had a family full of ranchers and unless you're literally dying they don't go in. We had a talk last night and I'm going to try better sleep and Whole Foods diet first to see what changes I have and then I can take more knowledge with me to my check up.
  9. I also read your attachment and I might now need to get my back checked. About a few months ago I went to lift my daughter out of bed and this horrible pain shot through my spine. I literally crawled to the living room and I have very high pain tolerance. But I thought I was fine because the pain went away and I just went on with my days. I wonder if that has something to do with my vision especially because I sit and enjoy my coffee on the couch every morning-late morning with my daughter. We have very relaxed mornings. But your post I read said that posture and sitting on couches slouched could have something to do with it.
  10. I will have to start documenting everything. I found out why I was seriously having a hard time when I initially posted this. My husband had made dinner for me since I was light headed and cranky and turns out there was gluten in one of the sauces he chose. He just wasn't thinking it contained it because I asked him. My mom (who's also a celiac) is the one that figured it out. The last time I had any testing done was when I was pregnant with my now current two year old. This is also when it was confirmed I was celiac. I need to just go in and have my regular doctor give me another check up and talk with him but I just haven't done so. Since I've posted this I've been still eating gluten free, no cheating (one time I accidently dipped something in open ranch and it quickly hit me...???). I still get light headed from time to time. One time in particular I think there must have been some cross contamination (all ingredients gluten free) because my peripheral vision was very bad off and on for a half hour or so. I just need to go in. Always had a healthy blood pressure, not diabetic or family history that I know of. Lungs and heart have always been healthy (always athletic). But the lightheadedness seems to always hit me around lunch time. I don't eat heavy or early breakfasts, but when I do it's usually fruit or eggs and potatoes. I know my coffee creamer is gluten free. Otherwise I pretty much stick to water but sometimes I'm not the best at drinking large amounts.
  11. I am obviously out of it. I thought bare minimum that it's been 3 weeks. It's hasn't even been 2. February 4th was when I cut cold turkey. So no wonder not much time has passed by and I still feel like this. The first few days were great, and then I just couldn't focus and even when sitting I felt like I could fall over. Wow....I can't believe it's only been 2 weeks ?.
  12. Hoping I'm replying correctly lol. Thank you for the input, I might have to look into the salt tablets. I think I have been taking in enough calories...I well exceed 2000 calories easily a day. And since I've been so strict with eating gluten free it's nice to see the initial weight I loss come back. I have been reading all day on this subject and finally discovered "gluten withdrawal". There are many different opinions on the subject but it would make sense. I mean I went from cheating here and there, to eating everything in sight (probably super high amounts of gluten intake), and then quitting cold turkey. And I read cutting out processed foods decreases your salt intake significantly. I just hope eventually the light headedness and the feeling of passing out eventually goes away because it worries me when I drive
  13. I was diagnosed being Celiac almost 3 years ago. After having my daughter 2 years ago I started slipping on the Gluten free diet. Every time I ate gluten I almost passed out. But I also had a hard time gaining weight. It got to the point where I was eating and i just wouldn't gain a pound and sit at the same weight. Well then I thought I would just eat anything in sight, even if it had gluten. I must have built up a tolerance because feeling light headed wasn't as bad but made me sluggish and tired. So after a couple weeks I actually lost weight doing this (Keep in mind I know it was a dumb decision). So anyways I've been almost 4 solid weeks gluten free and for the life of me I can not stop feeling light headed...all day. It's worse when I'm sitting, especially while driving. Which is what led me here because I have lots of questions. I'd like to know what type of doctor I should see? What questions should I be prepared to ask? Has anyone else felt this way after eating gluten free again? I worry especially while driving. The good news is I'm back to my normal weight...even though I'd still like 5-10 more pounds. Any advice would be appreciated. And I just hope I can find this forum again after I hit the done button since this is new to me.
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