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  1. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I do suspect my son and my mother - they both have tummy issues but I can't convince my mom to see a dr for her sudden and tremendous weight loss let alone this. My son doesn't have health insurance at the moment but as soon as he gets it, he's willing to go...
  2. Well, the Dr answered my request for the EMA and DGP tests by quoting his previous message (stating that my results mean that I have some Celiac genes and that I am at risk of developing it but it doesn't mean that I have it or that I will develop it) and that if I needed to discuss it more I would...
  3. Oh, I just assumed what I had done was the complete panel. I'll definitely ask for those two tests, thanks so much. Pretty disheartening to hear that even with negative blood results people may still be walking around with it feeling terrible. Glad yours was caught
  4. I had to google that as I'm not familiar with the terms. That's just another name for Celiac Disease, right?
  5. Sorry. I just figured out how to quote lol. No, those were all of them.
  6. I was recently tested for Celiac Disease because of symptoms I've been experiencing for years. My primary doctor ran the first test a few months ago after I had been gluten free for about 6 months or so (I resumed eating gluten for about 4 weeks, then had my blood drawn.) The test was negative. Primary...