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  1. Kat18

    Glutened by *straw*berries?

    Ennis_TX I'll find your post on this. If I understand right a food allergy or sensitivity is to a protein in that food...
  2. Well I officially hit the "underweight" status of BMI charts a few days ago. I have BMI of 18.5 I think. I am 5 foot...
  3. I've already had a very bad experience with strawberry picking before I knew I had celiac disease. It was a few years...
  4. The black walnut site looks pretty interesting cyclinglady. I've never heard of something where people from different...
  5. That's such a great idea. I'm all for buying locally. I only thought I might find a nut tree in a forest or something...
  6. Hi Ennis_TX I just looked around that site and already saw several things I want to try. I really want to try hemp...
  7. Thanks cyclinglady, that makes me feel more confident to give it a try. I really need more fat in my diet and nuts would...
  8. Hi GFinDC, Thanks very much for the advice. I guess I'm a little paranoid and want to rinse the whole world off...
  9. Hi Has anyone had good luck with nuts in shells? Would they still need to be certified gluten free to be okay? What...