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  1. Ok can anyone please shed light on this subject! I been reading conflicting information. Do I really need to be concerned about products that contain these two ingredients in them like my face products and my body lotions and shower gels? If I'm not ingesting them can they really hurt me? Only...
  2. Ok does anyone know if meaningful beauty is gluten free and what the source of the tocopherol found in some of there products is from( hoping not wheat germ oil) I'm new to this and I'm so confused when it comes to if it's safe to use facial and beauty products containing this ingredient or any...
  3. Ok I had an upper gi 2 weeks ago they were looking for an ulcer but my biopsy can back showing malabsorption. Villous widening and blunting combined with increased t lymphocytes. Suggestive of celiac disease. They ran labs but all were normal. So my question to all of you is would you trust labs...