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  1. I've posted about this before, but I'm about 14 weeks in and have seen very little improvement. Did any of you take a long time to feel better, and do you think I should cast my doubts aside?
  2. Exactly! I thought I was depressed and I let it take over my life for a period of time. But assuming I'm right, I'm glad it's celiac because at least there's a clear path forward, as inconvenient as it may be. Being in a place where I felt forced to accept that I would feel bad the rest of my life...
  3. I had a very similar experience, though I've been sick as long as I can remember (I just never knew -- I thought it's how everyone felt). When I got to college I struggled in my classes a fair amount but chalked it up to depression and personality defects. It wasn't until last semester (I'm a junior...
  4. How are things going now? I'm in college, too, and working toward recovery
  5. I've been gluten-free for three months now following years of brain fog and some GI issues, but I can't tell if I'm getting better or not. Over the course of these past few months I've cut out everything but whole foods, along with dairy, fructose, corn and soy. I'm more or less on a low-FODMAP diet...