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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. I have Aetna PPO. She did write it on a script pad and yes she's an MD. I live in a smaller town and she uses the same lab all the time so I'm sure that's why she did it that way. I called that lab and had them look up the codes based on what she wrote and the numbers match up with what the insurance company has.
  2. That's what I thought! So I called a second time and they just spit back the same info. It's not covered. I told the lady I thought that was odd since they've been doing the TTG IgA forever and she was like, uh well we don't cover it. I am not sure who else to call because I believe you all when you say this is an important test and everything I've read says this is the test to have done. Here is the lab request from my doc. Is there something funny on here that I'm missing??? Bottom one - Celiac Genetics- is the one that's covered. The rest are not. Also, I wonder if I can have a lab run a pre-procedure estimate for me using this actual lab request. Maybe the insurance lady or myself have the wrong codes or something. I don't think that getting it from my GP would help. I'm getting super frustrated and I thank you all for reminding me I'm not crazy!
  3. If there is one of the tests I listed that I should have above all the others, what would it be? I really can't afford $200+ in tests right now. Thanks!!
  4. They said because it's "experimental". Whatever that means.
  5. HI! I'm new here and a little freaked out. Some background.... Many years ago (I am not sure how many) I started having issues with a rash periodicly appearing on my torso and arms and itching all over my body. My head will itch SO BAD I make it bleed sometimes. I tried using special shampoo but it only kept the itching at bay for a short time... sometimes only hours before it started coming back. And my body...nothing seems to make that go away. I've itched for so long I don't even remember when I didn't itch. I also have post nasal drip every day all year long. And have started snoring at night bad because I am stuffy. I have headaches frequently and am always tired. I poop 4-5 times a day and it's not always solid. Also, when I have to go I HAVE TO GO. I have gas that is pretty unpleasant. . I also have Graves Disease (an autoimmune disease) so I've always attributed these issues to that. And to top that, fibromyalgia as well. Possibly unrelated, bipolar. I decided enough was enough and hit up an allergist the other day. We did a skin test and some things started to turn positive and then out of the blue, everything went negative. Even the histamine sites were gone in 15 or so minutes. I have not taken any antihistamines but I do take a bunch of other drugs. The allergist was perplexed at my results. So she decided to send me for blood work in case one of my meds was interfering. I'm having allergy work done for foods and other allergens. Which brings me to the reason I'm here. She suspects Celiacs. She wants me to do a Tissue Transglutaminese IgA and IgG, Giiadin IgA and the genetic tests HLADQ2 / HLADQ8. She told me most of her patients can't get the genetic tests due to insurance companies not covering it. I assumed mine would cover both or just the TT IgA, IgG. But my lovely insurance company has it backward! They cover the genetic test but not the TT IgA and IgG! I contacted my doctor regarding this but she hasn't gotten back to me and I want opinions of others here who've been there done that. Is it worth it to just get the genetic test or is that sort of worthless without the other? The TT IgA and IgG is kind of expensive to do out of pocket with no insurance. Are there any places on line that do it or is this just an in lab test? My mom recently found out she is allergic to SO MUCH STUFF and she is really allergic to corn. I of course wonder if that's a possibility for me too. Thanks for any advice or help or guidance. I'm just at a loss here.