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  1. I have Aetna PPO. She did write it on a script pad and yes she's an MD. I live in a smaller town and she uses the same lab all the time so I'm sure that's why she did it that way. I called that lab and had them look up the codes based on what she wrote and the numbers match up with...
  2. That's what I thought! So I called a second time and they just spit back the same info. It's not covered. I told the lady I thought that was odd since they've been doing the TTG IgA forever and she was like, uh well we don't cover it. I am not sure who else to call because I believe you...
  3. If there is one of the tests I listed that I should have above all the others, what would it be? I really can't afford $200+ in tests right now. Thanks!!
  4. HI! I'm new here and a little freaked out. Some background.... Many years ago (I am not sure how many) I started having issues with a rash periodicly appearing on my torso and arms and itching all over my body. My head will itch SO BAD I make it bleed sometimes. I tried using special...