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  1. Thank you a lot! I think the reason I'm having such a hard time adjusting to the new diet is that I started buying gluten free products and the results have been discouraging. I'm still feeling bad and with little appetite. I have been trying to reproduce my old recipes by substituting old...
  2. Thank you all for taking the time to answer. I'm new following the gluten-free diet, and your suggestions are truly appreciated.
  3. Please, I need your opinion. Which is the best gluten-free bread and where can it be found. I have already tried Rudis and Udi's. I really didn't like them. Thank you for your valuable comments.
  4. Thank you to all who have taken their time to help me. I really appreciate it. Is it possible to have Celiac without having a reaction to IgA? In my case, my positive results were related to IgG. To Victoria5289, can you elaborate a little more on your commentary, because I can´t really ...
  5. Hello! I'm an older adult who just received my celiac blood panel results and as so many others, I'm confused. Can anyone help me interpret my results? My results are the following: Deamidated Gliadin Abs, IgA 6 Negative 0-19, weak positive 20-30, moderate to strong...