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  1. Hello. My symptoms started in April and I've had numerous blood tests and an MRI back in June and nothing has flagged up as abnormal. I also tested negative on the ttg blood test twice, ruling out coeliac disease. However I am still unconvinced, particularly as my grandmother had coeliac and so I went gluten free in late Septmeber. Whilst I have seen some improvements, I am still getting headaches but what I am more concerned about is wasting. I seem to be continuing to waste all over my body including my face. I am unsure if it is muscle, fat or both but I haven't lost any weight? Has anyone else suffered from this. I'm just hoping it will start to get better along with other symptoms. I have seen a gastroenterologist recently and he said it wouldn't be worth putting me on a gluten challenge to do an endoscopy now I am on the diet as the treatment is the same regardless and he isn't concerned as I haven't actually lost weight. Any advice would be appreciated. I'm 19 by the way.
  2. I have been tested for coeliac (ttg blood test) and twice it has come back negative and so my GI has said that I don't have coeliac disease and have IBS. However I am still suspicious as my grandmother was a coeliac and I am exhibiting many of the symptoms and so I'm not sure why the GI was so quick to dismiss it. As the doctors and specialist are no help I am trying a gluten free diet. I have been off gluten since Wednesday night but I still haven't been feeling right. The bloating I was having seems to have stopped but I am still having abnormal stools and some stomach cramps. I have also been having some bad tension headaches and light-headedness since then and I was wondering - is this a type of withdrawal symptom? Has anyone else had this? Thanks.
  3. Just a little update. I have seen one GI privately as I was desperate to see someone and he said it is most likely IBS as nothing has been flagged up in the blood test and insisted that the blood test is very accurate. Although the abdominal pains are not as bad at the moment, my stools are still loose and pale and I have continued to get headaches on and off but also a number of neurological symptoms and a lot of muscle twitching. Do you get these symptoms with IBS?
  4. Thanks for the advice. I was absolutely convinced that it was celiac and still am. I am still losing weight (it seems to be fat in arms and legs in particular) and so I am certain it is a digestive problem.
  5. Just got a copy of my results. I was just tested for TTG but the doctor said it would show positive if I was on a normal diet, which I was. I was also tested for vitamin B12, folate and iron. He did say that although I'm not anaemic my iron level was on the low side of normal. I am being referred to a gastroenterologist. He is thinking it may be IBS.
  6. Coeliac blood test came back negative so literally I don't know where to go from here
  7. I forgot to add that I have also had an intermittent dry mouth and coated tongue.
  8. I have been having a number of very strange symptoms for the past 7 weeks. It started with upper abdominal pains and discomfort that radiate to the back and sides. I then developed a light-headedness and frequent headaches. I have been having problems concentrating along with brain fog. However sometimes the head symptoms ease but then come back a few days later. My stools have not been right either. Some days they float and appear to have undigested food in them and are generally light in colour. I have also been very tired lately and my legs have been aching and have had some sharp pains in feet and hands. What is perhaps concerning me most is that I seem to be losing subcutaneous fat - my arms are very thin and bony and I am developing depressions on the sides of my thighs. I have had loads of blood tests; liver, kidney function and glucose were all normal. I have also had an MRI and my pancreatic functions and gall bladder were also normal. I have just had some more tests back for thyroid which once again was normal. I am getting increasingly concerned and am desperate for a diagnosis. I only thought of celiacs as my grandmother had it and when I looked up symptoms there were some matches. Does this sound like celiacs? This is literally the only thing that hasn't been ruled out. I am 18 years old and male. Thanks.