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  1. Hi! I've done hours and hours of research desperately trying to find any clues of anyone who has had similar symptoms to me and I can't quite find anyone's that are similar enough to mine, so figured it create my own thread! So, in the past year or so I have ben extremely constipated (for up to 5 days approx.) leading to bloating that LITERALLY made me look 6 months pregnant, I took gluten out of my diet immediately but I feared the consequences of going gluten-free without a diagnosis. I did feel better, especially as I'm also a vegan I can rule out things like dairy, but I wasn't sure if it was placebo and me convincing myself, however I was able to go to the washroom much more NORMALLY! Also, I want to add that sometimes the bloating came along with INTENSE pain but not always? (is this unpredictability of pain normal?) Secondly, I've been on the pill for years but after coming off it, I realized that I was suffering from Secondary Amenorrhea, pointing potentially towards celiac. Lastly, I have been extremely imbalanced; severe vaginal dryness and almost no discharge!!! Anything helps, I really want to get to the bottom of this! Thanks