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  1. Hello everyone!! My best friend was told 3 years ago she has a fatty Liver....Was called a drunk even thou she never drinks.....Her white blood cell count has been high for a few years and the Dr told her she was not celiac....Anyone else told this by a (dick dr) Sorry the man was very rude and made her cry. Also her daughter was told 5 years ago she did have celiac, I see most of the same things going on with her that lead to my finding out I am Celiac.. Just any thoughts and ideas?? Could a Fatty Liver be part of Celiac??
  2. You Look Fine are you sure it's not in your head??..... Ugh
  3. Hello, I have the same issue with the hair loss a few months after going gluten free, I have been getting the b12 shot and was also told to take Vit D and Calcium, Also told it was because my guts are still not happy after all i put them thru, It's very upsetting losing the amount of hair I have, my right side of my head is about 65% thinner then the left...Was told it see a Diet person right away.
  4. OMG I think you have been talking to me, I have found in the last 2 months my hair is falling out like crazy!! I am afraid of the brush now because all it does is make me cry, After reading everyone else's comments I am going to make a Dr apt and get the TSH tests done, Sorry to hear you are going threw this. But I will say it helps people understand that they are not alone.. Thank you so much for sharing your story.
  5. Right after going gluten Free in June I had many of the same things happen with pain in arms and legs as well as my back, eye pain comes and goes. Mine turned out to be because of b12 being low also because of my magnesium being low as well. Good luck.
  6. Hello me again, Ok so I am starting to feel better, however out of the blue tonight the tops of my arms and the tops of my feet are numb, Not painful or anything just plain strange. Has this happened to anyone else, I have been gluten free for about 4 weeks now and I am taking B12 Methylcobalmin 5000mg. It has helped with most of the muscle pains and anxiety as well. Any ideas would be helpful about the numbness
  7. And another day of waking up to bs and anxiety this time my right arm is sore but numb, and I am getting a pulsing in my upper guts, I know there is nothing wrong with my heart. I started the b12 yesterday and know it's going to take time but well this is nuts, feel like I am losing my mind.
  8. I will look into it and go from there, I just today upped mt b12 and will see what happens with it. Thank you so much
  9. Thank you I will look into all of this and let you know. I take b12 1200 time release right now but the Magnesium I have not done yet, My last blood test showed that it was good.
  10. Well it's turned out to be one of those days where everything is setting off the anxiety, I will first say I strained my back and arms yesterday at work by lifting a very heavy garbage bag into the dumpster, came home and back and right arm and ribs were killing me, tried to work out the pain and thought i had done so, however this morning not so much shoulder and arm are going between ok and feeling numb, to top it off I get the fight or flight mode when needing to have a bowel movement so numbness and bowel stress kicked off the anxiety to the point where i thought i was going to be sick. I am newer here and have really only been gluten free for almost a month, any ideas that could help me out?? I know it can and will take time to get back to "normal" however still need some advice with this. I take a multi vitiam (cant spell today) everyday and I do not see the GI until July my family doc is at a loss for what to do for me.
  11. Thank you so much for this info!! I have a place to start, Like most people I was told yes you are Celiac and then nothing..I get to see the Dr in July but have been running blind with this. I am happy to see this and know if I have questions I can ask, Someone may have ideas!!
  12. Hello everyone or anyone, I was just told a week ago that I am Celiac....Nice news to find out because I thought I had been dying for about 8 months. Trips to the hospital with gas pain in chest and arms. Headaches and also major energy problems. How long should or could it take to start to feel better? I know It's going to take time however I have to take pills to keep me calm. I am finding that now when I eat that the gas is worse it now sits in my shoulders and back as well as my chest...Please tell me this has happened to other people...Any info would be amazing.