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  1. edison grainery uses a dedicated facility, and test their legumes to <5 ppm. their other products are also tested.
  2. edison grainery uses a dedicated facility and tests their legumes to <5 ppm
  3. edison grainery. they have a dedicated facility, and test their beans to <5 ppm. their other products are also tested.
  4. I found this thread because i googled "canned fish super sensitive celiacs", in an attempt to find information on particularly reliable/safe brands. I just wanted to post my opinion on here in case anyone else came across it in the same way, so that they would not be discouraged from eating sardines...
  5. I'll have to check them out, thanks. I wonder if they do any gluten testing of the finished product, because as you may know: even if they're processed in a gluten-free facility, there is still some risk of cross-contamination if they are grown in a crop-rotation cycle with gluten-grains. This is...
  6. I avoid farm-raised shrimp for this reason. But sardines are NEVER farm-raised, as far as I know, they are always wild-caught. So they should be definitely be safe, assuming there is no cross-contamination after they have been caught. They are actually the primary animal protein in my diet, and I...
  7. I'm planning to start on the fasano gluten elimination diet, and i'm wondering if taking a certified gluten free multi-vitamin/mineral would be allowed.
  8. I know this is a very old post, but it came up on a google search so I thought I'd give a response. Edison grainery is supposed to be a very good source for gluten free beans, as well as grains and other products. All of their products are tested to be at least <10 ppm of gluten, and many are...
  9. The reason there is often a "may contain wheat" statement on dried/canned legumes, as far as I know, is because it is extremely common for legumes to be grown in a crop rotation cycle with gluten grains (on the same field but at different times) because growing them in rotation can help enhance the...
  10. I know this is an old thread, but have y'all tried the beans from edison grainery? They test their beans to be <5 ppm. They also carry alot of other products verified to be <5 ppm, but it's important to check each item before buying, because some of their are only tested to <10 ppm.
  11. What is the best way to phrase an email to a company, when trying to investigate whether or not their product(s) is safe for a super sensitive to consume? here's an example of an email correspondence that turned out favorably: Thank you for contacting MillerCoors. We appreciate your interest...