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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. thank you guys. I'm hoping the Gi will call back tomorrow. I'm getting the kitchen totally gluten free, except for a few things my sister who is a bit disabled is going to have. But no bread, flour, pasta and most other things will not have gluten. And my daughter doesn't go to school, she does homeschooling so her opportunity to eat gluten won't be great. So it sounds like i will have to try to keep something little for her also to eat daily. Hopefully it's a false positive!
  2. Thanks, I've put a call into the GI and i suspect she will say the same. I can try to have her eat more but she naturally just doesn't want many things with gluten. Does the control test suggest a different auto immune disease maybe?
  3. I've been here for a couple months because my son was just diagnosed with celiac. So we all got tested. My daughter is 15 and for a few months she has not been consuming much gluten at all. So i'm not sure how accurate these tests are but it looks like she may have celiac as well. Here are her labs, please help me interpret them. Endomysial antibody Iga- negative t-Transglutaminase (tTG) <2 range 0-13 negative Immunoglubulin A, Q, Serum 274 high, range 51-220 Antigliadin Abs, IgA, Deamidate Gliadin Abs, 21 high, range 20-30 weak positive Antigliadin Abs, IgG, Deamidate Gliadin Abs, 3, range 0-19 negative.
  4. I've already called the school but the counselor isn't in till next week when they start...But i will get the 504 then and talk to them about cooking class because he won't be able to be in that. And i already bought lunch boxes and containers because i don't trust the school to do lunch. What do you mean having to not pay for a meal plan at college? Because he wont be able to eat there you mean?
  5. We saw the GI last week and had the endoscopy and colonoscopy on Mon. Colonoscopy good, just a small hemorrhoid. She called with all the results from blood and scope and he has moderate to severe celiac. She said he has reflux too so we are doing omaprazole for two months. We began his diet on Tues and I'm still trying to reconcile having a family who can eat gluten and one who can't. It's really hard with the cross contamination thing. So still getting that figured out and how we get everything safe... We will all get tested next week.
  6. Thanks for the info. I will ask the GI about my twin sister and nephews to see if they need to be tested regularly too. I'm hoping our insurance will pay for gene testing also to help rule any of us out if possible.
  7. Me either, that's why i think it's important to see the GI since my GP doesn't seem to have much knowledge on the subject. I wasn't sure if these were considered very strong, although it looks like it, i don't know how it is compared to others with Celiac. As long as she (GI) is going to give a celiac diagnosis i am happy not having him do an endo. We go on Monday so we'll see.
  8. I'm hoping the GI will say no endo but i know its not a huge deal if we do from what i've read, so we'll see. Our doc really doesn't know much about Celiac and i'm not entirely comfortable just doing that with him. He seemed to think it was possibly just a wheat allergy but when i got on the internet it seems it's more likely Celiac which is different from what i am reading.
  9. Our insurance won't allow us to go to the GI docs closet to us (within 30 min to an hour), so i found a pediatric GI 2 1/2 hrs away. She has good reviews on the internet so hopefully the trip will be worth the time. I've been doing lots of reading. The book i have is from 2010. Can anyone recommend a good book maybe more updated to 2017, hopefully i can find it at my library? Thanks
  10. And is an Internal Medicine practice appropriate? I'm not finding many GI docs around here.
  11. Thyroid disease does run in the family. And yes it was red blood not black or tarry, darn it. Thanks.
  12. Thank you. We should test for Graves and hashimotos too correct?
  13. We ran some blood work after blood in his stool. Deamidated gliding abs, IgA 119, strong positive >30. T- transglutaminase (tTG) IgA 69, positve >10. Is this suggesting he does have celiac? And do we go see a GI doc? What other tests and hoping to avoid a biopsy.