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  1. johnojohno

    Melatonin Tablets and Coeliacs

    Thanks Ennis. I started using the magnisium glycenate. Seemed to help a little. Cetainly experienced some crazy dreams
  2. Melatonin Tablets and Coeliacs Has anyone experimented with melatonin to help aid sleep?
  3. johnojohno


    Thanks guys. Really appreciate it. I have had the magnesium Glycinate. Any recommendations on this? I have got some but i only used them for a few weeks and the dreams got a little bit extreme. Thanks again guys. i need to look a little more into it i guess. It is a frustrating disease as im sure you guys know.
  4. johnojohno


    Hey guys. So I have been gluten free since july, I have had no energy for about two years. Still suffer from the anxiety and depression side. Had suppments/tablets etc. Havent had any good response from them. Sleeping bad. Just super tired all the time. Wonder if I dont get enough carbs in my diet but I believe i do. Only things that pull me out of it is caffeince, coffee etc, but that irritates my stomach. Any ideas, tips? I have probably left some info out here as I am super tired even piecing this information together. Chronic fatique. I have the weakest form of celiacs I believe, marsh...something or other. But the mildest, minir ware on the villi. So I am just pretty confused with why I am still so exhausted after 5/6 months
  5. Morning all. So I’ve been Celiac for 5 months. Complex diagnosis where I was told I had it, then I didn’t then I had it. We all know it’s a disaster to get diagnosed and pretty shocking in relation to knowledge on it So I felt ill, got annoyed. And had a burger from McDonald’s. Felt fine the next day. No sign of being glutened if that’s the word. It’s this part which is very hard to understand in post gluten eating and feeling nothing..... You hear people say things like. You basically take months of recovery off....... with zero evidence. My blood tests technically say I’m now not celiac. (Which obviously as we know just is the result of a gluten free diet). I just feel like it’s the same with anything. It may not be good for you. But 2 step back and 2 forwards? Understandably everyone’s different. It’s just infuriating to me when I see people say things like you basically have to start again! This just makes no sense. Listening to your body is key (understandably that’s how most of us got here) the variance in the opinions is so vast. From eating gluten I haven’t just turned an on switch on to destroy my stomach. Apologies, this is turned into a little bit of a rant. I understand I am not going to eat it. But I don’t see how having a bit every few months after healing can cause that much damage?
  6. johnojohno

    Sleeping on your front

    Morning all. I used to be one of those awkward front stomach sleepers who right angles my head in the pillow for my comfortable nights getaway. The past few months I’ve realised that it causes like an ache in my stomach and when I roll onto my back (which I really struggle sleeping on) my stomach pain almost instantly goes away. Anyone else find this ?
  7. Appreciate the thorough responses. The stomach issues have been dreadful the past few weeks and brought hurrendous awakenings.the worst I have slept in a long time. I have had a few gluten foods in all honest. Maybe a mcdonalds twice in 2 months. Which isnt ideal. But I dont seem to feel anything afterwards (terrible excuse I know) My biggest worries were my memory and cognitive behaviour! I was in London Bridge station and forgot where I was heading for 15 minutes. My memory is terrible, as is the concentration. So its a bit of a battle at the minute and I am flunking in my new job. I feel like as you said, neurologically I have deteriorated. Wit and brain function out the window. Considering I was a pretty switched on person. Balance and diziness at points. (all this on a gluten free diet after 4 months triggered me too my mcdonalds binge) ha ha. I think the memory was the worst. As you said about the brit medical side being useless. I think you are correct. I understand its the NHS and free etc. But this is just not considered a worry. Ive considered pulling myself into A and E this past few weeks because of the pain and I know this is the only way anyone will give me a thorough look over. I was also sent for a bone scan ( no reasoning as to why) But from research it seems to be for searching the nutrients in the bone? Neurological side has been really i think what has been the toughest. My job requires an awful lot of high concentration and memory. Which when I fail at, causes stress, and then I am caught in the vicious cycle! Thanks for the help guys. Nice to meet some fellow people who can relate. I just feel like celiacs seem to know more then the doctors, which shows primitive practice in order to solve it. Once again, I would never know the NHS or doctors. I understand free health care is health care. But how low on the list this is, is a worry.
  8. Morning guys. So long story short. Lost 10 kg back late last year. Stress related I believe. ( I Understand this is a big factor with celiacs) Tested. Found anti bodies in my blood. Doctor states potential Celiacs. Have endoscopy. Doctor who takes procedure doubts I have it. Move to London. Move Doctor appointment. Here nothing from Doctors. Fast Forward from December (endoscopy) to July. Ring up doctos asking what my result were as I hadnt heard anything (While eating gluten) Get told "oh, you have celiacs"...........Ridicolous that I wasnt contacted. But anyway thats not the issue. Fast forward to Now. Gluten Free diet. I have had 1 day I would say in 4 months that I have had super energised, felt great. Sticks in my mind. Had more bloods for all anemia/deficiencies. Everything is fine. Im still exhausted. Every day. My stomach wakes me up 90 percent of the time. I dont have loose stools. Never really have. My mood was severly low. Im really starting to feel like this Celiac is dealt with so primitively. There is zero sense to any of this. I have tried everything. I watch these shows of people talking like they are dying. Its just painful, everything about it. 1)Wondering if anyone here has had the sleep issues. Im really starting to think this disease is entirely caused by mentality. 2) Thoughts on the contradictive studies/opinions of this disease?
  9. Ok, so that sounds very dramatic. But technically its true I have recently been diagnosed with Celiacs, and I am currently living in London. Obviously with the rents and the nightmare housing issues here. I have been crashing at my friends for 5 months. Starting to feel a bit like I cant repair myself because i dont have my own space, room, privacy, i sleep in the living room so my sleep is very much dictated on everyone elses plans. I think this may be just a rant, but |I apologise. You forget how not having your own space is fucking exhausting on top of the celiacs exhaustion! Sorry needed to burn it out
  10. johnojohno

    What is going on?

    Hey guys. So this is my story December had an endoscopy after bloods. Stressed/exhausted/memory Loss/concentration lacking. Turns out after only finding out my results in July I do have celiacs. this proven by the biopsy. Though I was told at the hospital they didnt think I had it Anywho. Ive begun the gluten free diet. Ive been at it a few weeks. Started going well. However the past 3 days ive woken up with really painful chest and stomach pains, I started to feel better but now it seems to have got worse. My mood for a few days was higher then it has ever been. I am a generally psoitive guy, but the drops in mood are unreal and the unbeliveable fatique, memory loss, diziness etc. Is it usually an up and down process> Cutting out gluten I mean? Also, the extreme tiredness after eating is knowing me out! ha ha
  11. Hey guys The topic title is actually misleading a little, I had an endoscopy in december, was told it was a little inflamed and they were pretty sure it wasnt celiacs, just a minor gluten intolerance. Long story short, its now July, had to cancel appointments due to moving to london. tried ringing for results for a long time. Nothing. Last week, find out I am celiac with some eroded Villi.....from December Anyway. I have been gluten free for 2 weeks. I have had problems with kidneys aching, stomach pains, bladder pains, all sorts. before hand, I cut the gluten down, but was not entirely gluten free. I was told that it was early stages. Gluten Free I am not finding so hard, but I am waking up EVERY morning with stomach pains still. Or bladder, or whatever. Ill go back to the docs soon. Ive been having a lot of fruit and I am wondering if the fibre is not letting my stomach settle. Also that dairy products might be causing the issue. I was basically trying to absorb some nutrients to get rid of my hurrendous exhaustion, I cant be malabsorbing as I still have Villi. Any advice, anything would be great