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  1. DrubNonie

    Joint Pain/Inflammation/Stiffness?

    Woah, sounds like a rollercoaster for sure. Am i to assume this to be permanent then?
  2. DrubNonie

    Joint Pain/Inflammation/Stiffness?

    Hey guys...on like week 3 or 4 now I guess. Hand redness has gotten much worse and so has hand pain. No swelling, just constant redness and pain in finger joints. Knees have very little pain now, and only kick in after LONG periods of inactivity (up to a few hours). The finals arent really helping either in this case. It kinda hurts to even hold a coffee or tea now. And type too. is this still typical this many weeks out of a gluten reaction? obviouslly a slightly stressed post, but was jw...
  3. DrubNonie

    Joint Pain/Inflammation/Stiffness?

    Thanks for the replies! yeah, the doctor was also betting that it was likely a gluten reaction. Im currently on week 3 with legs improving a lot but hands getting much worse, so not sure where I stand haha. The doctor said if there isn't an improvement in 3 weeks to seek a rheumatologistt, so heres hoping xmas season ends well... Thanks for all the replies!
  4. Hey Everyone, A few months ago I was diagnosed with "celiac" disease by my GI(my antibody showed a 25 at labcorp with a normal range of 1-9, while my biopsy was negative). I had taken a gluten free diet at the start of August and seen an improvement in my symptoms and general well being(Mainly the constipation, bod aches, and severe brain fog). i was diagnosed shortly after going gluten free that I was also Vitamin D deficient and B12 was "low-normal". I started to supplement both respectively and also saw an improvement in my general being. While there were definitive health issues along the way, I had started to feel better until a few weeks ago. I had gone home for thanksgiving break(being that I am a college student). My relatives, as loving as they are, had made a pudding. being that I had assumed for whatever reason that I could eat the damn pudding without asking, I had consumed it. i had later learned it had quite a bit of wafers infused into it(crushed), which I had also assumed, for whatever reason, was safe(never asked, dumb ol me). A day or two after consumption, I had noticed twitching in my right knee. Then it went to my left knee. Then both knees were hurting like crazy. Then it felt like the inside of my knee were in pain. 2 weeks later, they still are. Every morning waking up since then had been quite difficult since my joints are so stiff, and stay stiff throughout the day. Exercise had helped this condition, and helps reduce stiffness and pain for about a day, but if i do not continue to exercise the pain returns reallll fast. The real scary thing is that my hands have also become quite painful. There are red rashes all over my knuckles and I am experiencing pain all in my fingers and wrist and hand. Along with knee pain(and big toe pain here and there as well, but that not as much). Its already been a little over 2 weeks since "reconsuming" a heavy amount of gluten. Is this normal for a gluten reaction to last this long? My pain is symmetrical and sounds an awful lot like Rheumatoid Arthritis. However, I tested negative for all rheumatoid tests back in June. I am seeing a doctor tommorow, but I am wondering from the forum, is it normal for a gluten reaction to last this long? Thank you all and best Regards, I appreciate any words of advice
  5. Hey Guys! So been gluten free for a total of 10 days now, now that I've worked out what is and isn't gluten(Soy sauce got me...lol). My sinuses and ADHD have improved greatly. Constipation is still going strong sadly, and a new array of symptoms came back! Tingling in general, but burning in the head and ears and neck. The burning sensation seemed to have come from no where. Also,it seems theres a pressure in my head constantly and my vision seems....i don't know..not normal but not worse? It just seems my perception is different. The burning in my head concerns me, and I was wondering, is this normal after quitting Gluten? Is this my body resetting itself and I should just wait or should I see a doctor for the burning and tingling? Best Regards
  6. Did you do IGENEX test for lyme?
  7. Hey all- Just saw my GI and got my blood work back. So turns out most bands were negative, but my t-Transglutaminase band was positive. It came out as 25 from labcorp and a positive was anything greater than 9. Everything else came back negative. My biopsy was also considered negative. The GI still felt due to my symptoms and blood work that this could be classified as celiac disease. Constipation has improved, but ADHD-esque symptoms are unrelenting. Same with excess mucous, not sure if leaving the system. What do you all recommend from here? Just stick gluten free?
  8. It could be possible. I drank saki which is rice wine. I had minor constipation all my life. The constipation disappeared when I went paleo for a year, but came back when i went off of it. However, smoking weed normalized my bowels for several months. Like the most normal and healthy bowels i had in my life. After the drinking incident and onset of symptoms, the weed still helps me immensely with bowel movements, but they arent as smooth. I am not sure if it is because my intestinal track has been hurt by the gluten.
  9. Hey everyone- Thanks for the replies! As for B12 and other autoimmune disorders, my blood tests all came back normal/negative. As for drug/alcohol use, I smoke weed about 2-3 times a month. In terms of alcohol, I only got drunk once. Weird enough, my symptoms started about 3 days after that. My initial onset of symptoms were the stiff neck, fatigue, and "intoxicated" speech.I never felt like that again(in terms of speech) but it was strange. All STD tests have come back negative. I was on no meds prior to this episode, and in terms of toxic environment, the college dorm i was staying at had Black Mold in the shower for months. I do not know if that could have affected me. I will say the symptoms haven't stopped yet after going "gluten" free(I haven't left dairy yet) Constipation and ADHD like symptoms are very present, my concentration is very flakey some days and i use the wrong words far more than i usually. do. I am an avid reader so my reading speed slowing down to this extent confuses me. Fatigue is still present but much less severe. The burning eyes were resolved with the neuro chiropractor after doing a sinus adjustment, after my sinuses opened up the burning eyes subsided. The excess saliva/mucous however is still present. I believe the burning eyes and filled ears are most likely mucous, and perhaps come from an allergy? It has gotten better since adjustment. Thanks for all your replies and answers!
  10. Hey all! Thank you so much for your responses! I was actually tested for lyme back in June by lapcorp and it came back negative. I understand there is controversy over the lyme disease debate however.I also forgot to mention another symptom-when i wake up in the morning i have pain in my thumbs thats almost arthritis like. it goes away throughout the day, but it gets worst upon waking up. I only started the diet because my GI doctor ordered me too right after the endoscopy. I am seeing him on the 15th before going back to college and ill ask for all my results then. he is on vacation still. Thanks again for all the advice. So far, going gluten free for a week has resulted in less fatigue but thats about it. Burning eyes, painful thumbs in morning continue. Again, my doctor said it wasn't celiac but he said it was non-celiac gluten sensitivity, Any other ideas or should I just wait now for the doc?
  11. Hey all, Kind of a long story. Few month journey here, 21 year old college student, male. On May 3rd, 2017 i encountered a random case of fatigue and a very stiff shoulder and neck on the right side. These symptoms very quickly progressed within hours into face tingling and hand tingling. I went to an urgent care and was given Perdnisone, which I took for two days and felt awful on. During the inital two days, my initial symptoms began. Tingling all over the body, back pain, fatigue, brain fog etc. As the weeks progressed I went to see many a doctors that were mostly dumbfounded and were thinking it was all in my head. I had a CT Scan, MRI with contrast of brain, MRI no contrast neck, all with no results. During these few months, i encountered many a symptom outside the pain and tingling. What started soon after these symptoms was persistent eye burning(that the opthamologist saw nothing of note when i visited them), horrible concentration and slowed reading(that has slowly improved, but more on that later), ears clogging up, tinnitus, and after my tingling had subsided after a month-I started to have awful pains in my back, knees and shoulders. I also developed a rather strange oral function, where i kept having excess foamy saliva making talking very weird, almost like i was straining to talk. It was only after about 6 weeks of this that stomach issues reared their ugly head in. I remember the first night it happened, I had pretty painful bloating that quickly changed my normal bowels into constipation. When this initially occurred, I had bladder pains and painful urination, as well as testicle pain to boot. I saw my primary care doctor after this and was put on Levaquin for 5 days. Also during this time, I would develop lymph nodes under my right arm pit, which again no doctor could really seem to understand. This resolved the pain in the bladder but kept the constipation. The doctor also sent for a urinary culture test as he tested for blood in my urine and there were traces of it. I was recommended at this time to set up an appointment with a GI, which took me about 3 weeks to get(the first I would see the GI would have been at the start of July). So about seven weeks at that point, the joint pain had gotten very bad. I had issues concentrating and I was just rather miserable. The constipation was relentless, and the eye burning wouldn't stop. I went to go see a chiropractor for the hell of it since my condition had not been diagnosed yet, and it would take a whole month before my endoscopy would take place. It turns out chiropractic care really helped resolved the joint issues, and minimized them down to about 5% of the pain. However, the eye burning, constipation and fatigue/brain fog stayed constant. I eventually was recommended to see a "Neuro" Chiropractor to help work with the brain fog, which upon visiting him, i received short term relief from not only the burning eyes but also brain fatigue. Alas, constipation remained constant over the month. The adjustments only provided temporary relief to the burning eyes and fatigue, and they very much come and go with about the same frequency still. At this point, i was still very concerned as no one could really tell me what the heck was going on with me, and many doctors were claiming it was just anxiety, which I honestly wish it was at that point, but something still felt weird and not right. Fast forward to many blood tests later, my GI calls me and tells me he believes I have celiac. Ok. So Endoscopy last week. After the upper endoscopy I was told I as "Gluten intolerant/sensitive" and that there was inflammation in intestines. I haven't seen the blood work yet as my doctor is on vacation, but will ask for it upon his return. in the mean time, the doctor has told me to go on linzess(which I have yet to take yet) for constipation and to start a gluten free diet. I have started the gluten free diet so far with only the intent to cut out things explicitly gluten, it has been a week and my bowels are slowly opening up with more frequency. I have also been taking prunes to try to fight the constipation, and while working, the stools are very hard and infrequent. Of course its only been a week, so I'll see how it progresses. So far I have felt less fatigue in just a week, but as of today I had a weird episode of not fatigue, and not a typical anxiety attack either, but a weird feeling of malaise that left me very uncomfortable and able to think. I avoided gluten over the last week, but i was at a friends house for dinner last night and had grilled chicken wings, I'm not sure if cross contamination could have occurred. Since im a newbie and hopelessly lost(and im not even sure if this is the right place to post this), do you believe this could all be caused by gluten intolerance and not any other condition? Even the lymph nodes and burning eyes? I've looked online and seen possibilities for candida and lyme, but I'm just not sure where to go from here to get treatment. The chiropractor has helped with the joint pain but everything else is still recurring at a pretty constant rate(Burning eyes, excess foamy saliva, constipation etc.). If anyone would be kind enough to offer assistance, what do you think of this whole situation? Best Regards and thank you.