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  1. Hey All, I'm a 40 yo male who was just dx'd in September and weighted 153 lbs and 5'9". I started working out lifting heavy and playing hockey 2x/week (+taking creatine as well) in July and tracking calories daily on MFP. I have my calories set at about 300 calories over maintenance. After...
  2. I'm from Halifax and going to be in TO in a couple weeks for work but going a day early to catch a game. We are staying at the Delta right near the ACC. Does anyone know any celiac safe places to eat in the area? I'm not sure what I'm going to do for food when I get there as I'm a newly diagnosed...
  3. If it makes you feel better, my TTG was off the chart (and my mom has celiac) and I just had my gastroscopy last Thursday....my written report I got immediately after said everything looked grossly normal but waiting 4 weeks for biopsy results is next.
  4. Well I had my GI appointment last week, got in quick I suppose as my GP noted some weight loss as well. GI basically said with my family history and TTG over the max 250 she can diagnose me but still wants to do the biopsy to confirm and get a baseline. I'm happy with that because I've been having...
  5. Thanks for the reply everyone. Unfortunately the wait time for endosocpy/GI consult in Nova Scotia is at almost 300 days. Wonder if it would be worth trying to find a private clinic and just pay.
  6. I also have to mention that I have what my derm says is psoriasis but I"m starting to think maybe related to this with the itchy rashes i get on my butt checks, knees and elbows when I have flares. I was also a heavy drinker for years before I quit a year ago so I hope its not related to that...
  7. Hi All, First time post. I'm 40, just had my bloodwork done and asked to be tested for celiac as my mother was just diagnosed with silent celiac on biopsy. My TTG came back at 250 I believe and normal IgA so she is referring me for a biopsy. I live in Canada and wait times for this will...