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  1. Does anyone remember having DH as a child but having it go away?
  2. My doctor sent me a note last summer telling me my panel was negative. I always thought that was odd and tried several times to get the results. Finally in Feb. I went into the office a requested a copy of my results. In my case, my IgG antigliadin was four points over positive. I can understand why my doc thought the panel was negative because the IgA antibodies were all low; but some people, maybe even me, don't produce much IgA's. Anyway, because of the original note, I really went gluten crazy last fall and winter and I've really been suffering since.
  3. I know about tests for gliadin and reticulin antibodies, but is there such a thing as a blood test for avenin? I was curious because I think I have my strongest reaction (headache, nausea, cramping) to eating oats.
  4. Thanks to everyone who responded to my querry about foot pain. Now, how about rib pain? Not nearly as bad as my foot pain, just a general occasional pain in my lower right ribs. Sometimes the front, sometimes the side, sometimes toward the back. From what I've heard and read, it could perhaps be the gallbladder or just damage in the duodenum.
  5. I have a speculation and I would like some feedback. I know that the average celiac sufferer has been presenting symptoms to doctors for around 9-10 years before finally receiving a diagnosis of celiac disease. I'm guessing such a patient would have extensive damage and elevated endomysial and transglutaminase antibody levels, as well as the antibodies to gliadin. But let's say someone caught celiac symptoms early on, within a couple months (instead of 9-10 years) of the onset of symptoms. What would his/her antibodies look like? I'm guessing that the IgG and maybe the IgA anti-gliadin levels would be rising but he others would not have had time to develop.(?)
  6. One of my more persistant symptoms is pain in the bottom of my feet. I haven't read much about others at this forum who complain about foot pain, but there is Anne Luther's account of neuropathy in her feet at csaceliacs.org and I think another account at Clan Thompson. Does anyone else suffer from achy feet? How long does it last after going gluten-free? I've been off gluten (with some mistakes) for about 9 weeks. [ I used to love walking and hope to enjoy it again soon!
  7. I had written in my original posting that my doctor thought my blood tests were negative for celiac anti-bodies. I've been suspicious of that for awhile, so I asked for a copy of the test results. I was a bit stunned when I read that my IgG anti-gliadin level was 21, four points over positive. I guess I shouldn't be stunned because I had to tell my doctor what the tests were for celiac disease. He was really uninformed.
  8. On your neuropathy, did your feet (heels, arches) hurt, even in the middle of the night? Or was it mostly tingling, burning? I've been having the foot and muscle pain
  9. I'm in my 40's and going through the celiac diagnosis process. Naturally, I've been looking at my past, wondering if I had hints of celiac disease/DH earlier in my life. I'm wondering if this is possible: When I was about 6, I developed itchy, red, fluid-filled bumps on my legs. I called them "water towers" because when I scratched them, the blistery bumps would drain clear fluid. They weren't poison ivy or anything like that. Some time later, they went away. I don't remember if I took any medicine or what. Could those bumps been DH? I've never had them since, and the reason my doctor is currently suspecting celiac disease is because of digestive, neurological and family history reasons. I'd appreciate any feedback.
  10. I am new to the celiac world (a year ago, I'd never heard of it) and exploring whether or not I have the condition. Unfortunately, I went on the gluten-free diet a couple of months before my blood tests (because I was feeling so bad), and the blood tests, according to my MD, came back negative. What I'm wondering about is my late father. 20 years ago, in his 60's, he was diagnosed with intestinal lymphoma (had a large section of his sm. intestine removed) and 10 years ago he was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Two years ago, he was diagnosed with stomach cancer and died pretty quickly, last summer. Dad was never diagnosed with celiac disease. I know lymphoma and the thyroiditis can go along with celiac disease, but does stomach cancer? It seems like I've read in these celiac forums about other family members that have had stomach cancer.
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