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    New and confused

    Making a appointment with allergist. Just saw gp i had a bad reaction staying at a dr friends home. He suggested the bloodwork. I got home and broke out again after seeing my dr maybe 3 hours after my appointment. He said a lupus sun reaction. Gave me steroid shots. Im always on 20 mg prednisone and azithromyacin every other day. They gave me the epi pen earlier in the day. I never used it. I take steroids and steroid eye drops and steroid inhalers. I just used those everytime i broke out as well as benadryl and promethazine. I keep 3 kinds of allergy meds in my purse. I never know if im going to get hives after i eat or run to the restroom and be ill. I had lower gi pockets in intestine.
  2. Good luck ill say a prayer. I try to zone out breath in and out slow. Ive had many procedures. Ice pack on wrist slows circulation. Think of flowers or the wind close your eyes and relax. Practice at home.
  3. BabyBelladonna

    Weight Not Changing, But Looking Better?

    Hi i had lab work for food allergy testing. Not that i needed to loose weight. But read a book called right size weight loss. It mentioned food allergies and illnesses and obesity. Cured from eating natural nutrition. I was shocked to have 15 food allergies. Not including seconday allergies. I always ate all the time and got sick. Hopefully you will feel better soon and dont worry about the scale. Todays accomplishments are tomorrow's victory.
  4. I have had lupus fibromyalgia ibs or spastic colon since 1998. Now i had allergy testing labs on blood. Im allergic to gluten, almonds, oats, barley, cadida yeast, aspiragillys(molds), broccoli, cabbage, clams goats milk, kidney pinto navy and soybeans, pork, sesame, spinach and canola oil. I don't know what to eat now. I've always eaten say at olive garden or anything and had terrible stomach pains like labor. Then run to the bathroom. Or constipation i cant go for a week or so. I tried spark vitamin drink had gluten, soy powder allergic. Health bars larabars gluten. My weight can be 129 one week 120 next or go to 104 fast. Not sure what to do now. How can regain my life back? Could i have celiac not ibs? I have 3 other auto immune system diseases. Any food resources would be great and vitamins with no soy or gluten. Plus beverages. Ive had hives a month now from my almond butter gluten and vitamin drinks lol steroids and epi pen. Oh and high cholesterol. So everything i ate to lower that im allergic to. Plus a list of secondary allergy foods a mile long.