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  1. I feel a lot better since coming off gluten but I still have a ton to learn. I was taking a powdered vitamin and in the middle of drinking it I became tired weak and the brain fog began. My face turned a darker shade as well. This had been happening for 5 days went to the ER they blew me off. I've...
  2. I first went to the dentist because I had a wood dental pick splinter off into my gums. By my third visit there was a sharp finger nail like growth coming from my gum above one tooth. There was also a thick liquid so I thought I might have caused an infection. He took more X-rays came in saying...
  3. I haven't come off gluten 100% and was planing on changing my diet a week prior to the test. I know it's a genetic disease but I'm not sure if it's that or another gluten intolerance. I did think it would show up in an gluten allergy test and I would have to go from there to see what kind of gluten...
  4. I am just discovering gluten allergies and I am not 100% I have one only because I haven't been diagnosed yet. About 10yrs ago I was diagnosed with endometriosis after 2 surgeries where nothing was found the doctors told me it was in the muscle and I'd have to get a hysterectomy. They had me on narcotic...