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  1. For me its just a rash on my upper arms that does itch and lasts for about 2-3 weeks. Before going gluten free it was on my back, face and scalp among other places. Just like every other symptom, it spreads and gets worse the more consistently I ingest gluten - accidentally or not. I don't know if it helps, but when its particularly bad, I rub some vitamin E and A oil on it. If anything, that's supposed to help with the scars.
  2. Hi, wine can be a problem for me too and I have reactions similar to those you describe. I learned from a more experienced, equally hyper-sensitive friend that you can try drinking unfiltered red wines. Since I started drinking the unfiltered reds, I haven't had a problem. I've started compiling a list of brands that are ok with me here: Lame Advertisement.com. Just click on the 'wine' link. The list isn't long yet, but it's growing. If you look for unfiltered red wines in your local liquor store, you may or may not have any luck in getting help from the management. The one good thing to know is that if they are unfiltered, they typically say "unfiltered" on the label on the back of the bottle. My favorites so far have been from Argentina. Good luck! Jessica
  3. Hi All, I have a love hate relationship with restaurants too. I only enjoy eating out if I can pick the place. New places make me very nervous and I try to avoid them. Since going gluten free, however, I occasionally can't help but give in to the old urge to explore and I've been starting to keep track of where I can eat. All that trial and error shouldn't go to waste right? So, I've started compiling my personal list of 'safe' places to eat on a website that I can access from my phone. Now when I'm out on the town and I need food but didn't come with a plan, I can look something up pretty quick by location via my cell phone. Many places are popping up that are aware of celiac disease so I'm going to keep adding to this website. I can also expand it to reach more cities / areas. More than anything, I'd like a website like this to be nation wide so I can always quickly find a safe place to eat. This is a start in that direction. If you are in the NYC area, or are planning to visit feel free to check out Lame Advertisement.com. (Book mark it in your cell phone's internet browser). Help improve the site: Lame Advertisement.com. I only just started it so I can definitely use the input and help!
  4. I love Vietnamese food. I make eat the various types of pho soups, rice dishes and summer rolls (veggies and meat wrapped in rice paper - they aren't fried). Watch out for fish balls, fish sauce and soy sauce. I'm pretty sensitive so I stay away from just about any sauce.
  5. I love Vietnamese food. I eat (and learned how to cook) the various types of pho soups, rice dishes and summer rolls (veggies and meat wrapped in rice paper - they aren't fried). Watch out for fish balls, fish sauce and soy sauce. I'm pretty sensitive so I stay away from just about any sauce.
  6. Thanks everyone ! I'll try the alcohol swabbing and hopefully that will help. My parents are very understanding and I don't want them to give up their home made whole wheat (since I don't live at home). Also, even though my symptoms are manifesting clearly - its good to hear from you as a sanity check - no, its' not in my head! Thanks again, Jessica
  7. Hi! I'm so glad you found this site. It improved my life quickly and don't feel bad about the long post. I think many of us start out that way. . I'm glad you're starting to feel better. Keep it up. I'm writing back not just for the general support though. After years of being an active kid, my celiac symptoms got really bad and I woke up every day in pain (24 year old at the time) and my joints would creak and pop and snap constantly. Now, after an extremely careful diet, I'm much better. But, when I get gluten in my diet (even a trace amount), my joints start cracking within a day. One thing that took me much to long to do was to buy all new cutlery and dish-washing supplies and silverware and plates - and keep them completely gluten free. Completely segregating my food (and anything that touched my food) from gluten made a HUGE difference in my lingering symptoms especially my joints. So, if your tests are positive, or even if they aren't and you feel that gluten free is helping you - be aware that there are different degrees of going gluten-free. It might all seem a bit extreme at first, but its good to be aware of. Best wishes!
  8. Hi everyone, thanks for reading. I'm 26, living gluten-free for 2.5 years and starting to feel significantly better as of 8 months ago. * Whenever I visit my parents (3 times since starting to get better) I get very sick - very quickly. It's the same pattern every time: my joints start cracking and hurting, my stomach hurts and balloons (I look pregnant), my mood plummets for no apparent reason, and then I become fatigued and foggy-brained. This all happens over the course of 2-3 days and keeps getting worse until I leave. The effects linger for 2 weeks. While at Mom & Dad's, I cook my food separately and on my special kitchenware and I eat from my special gluten-free plates etc. The only thing I can think of is that there is flour still in the air and on things that I touch. My mom bakes loads of regular wheat bread and maybe my problem is that the flour remains in the house enough to make me sick. Does this happen to anyone else? Do you react to this kind of trace amount of gluten? Do you react so quickly? Have you figured out any solutions or is my best option to stay away from Mom & Dad's house all together? I just want to be able to get an idea if this is anywhere close to normal. Are there any tips and tricks I'm missing? Would washing my hands more often help? Thanks for your replies. Nederlandse *It took ~2 years for me to start feeling better because even though I was gluten-free, I was sharing cook and dish ware with non-gluten-free people and was washing my kitchen ware with the same sponge as used by people who ate Gluten containing foods. I didn't know using separate kitchen ware, cutlery and cleaning supplies would make such a big difference for me.
  9. I've been gluten-free for a good 7 months now and have only recently been experiencing mouth sores. The weird part is that they aren't like the regular sores I recall getting on occasion throughout my life. These are only on the roof of my mouth and they seem to swell and shrink over the course of days. This has been going on for about a month now. I've never seen or heard of anything like it before. Anyone else experience anything like this? I'm at a loss... so is my dentist.
  10. Lots of jargon in here, but very interesting: http://www.bio.com/industryanalysis/indust...ml?cid=17800014
  11. How long were you on new pans / utensils etc before you noticed a difference? I have 2 room mates who are non-celiac and am sharing their cooking/eating equipment. My major symptoms have started to go away but joint problems, low energy and brain fog are still around. I thought I just hadn't fully recovered, but maybe it's all due to trace amounts? If I start a trial today, I'm wondering when I can I expect (conservatively) to notice a difference? Thanks in advance, J
  12. Sadly, thats how I felt too. Or, I figured I was just getting old (at 22, 23, 24) and loosing energy. I've been gluten free for a few months now but my energy is only back to normal on ocasion. Could this be due to trace ammounts of gluten? Does anyone get foggy-sleepy symptoms from cooking / eating from pans and dishes that are also regularly used for non-gluten-free meals? Until I read a post today about trace amounts, I figured I just hadn't finished healing yet (which is probably also true). Thoughts?
  13. This is a really good question. I wish I had an answer but I wanted to post that I am very interested in this topic.
  14. Yep, I had the same thing on my arms, back, lately even my face - they all have more or less disapeared with gluten-free diet. They pop up again on my body within a week of eating something bad.
  15. Hmm that all sounds about right.... so what do i supliment with? All my joints are cracking and kind of hurt. I've been on a b-complex and just started potassium,magnesium,calcium should i get a zinc and manganese? I was looking at suppliments for cartilage-problems but i wasnt sure about it and it was pretty expensive. Thanks
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