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  1. Thank you SO MUCH for the warm welcoming answer.. I tried to avoid joining this club for 6 months. Thanks for the enriching links . Good luck to you and all the pre-diagnosis member of this helpful forum .
  2. Hi I got my second biopsy results and the GI said It is Celiac. I had low positive blood test , no symptoms and First biopsy was nonspecific This time the results are also non specific but the Gi said no other diagnose is possible, ONLY CELIAC, due to the results: ...
  3. Thank you . I will ask my Gi for the DGP . wish you good health !
  4. Thank you so much for your answer . The doctor tested me due to Celiac in my family (nephew) I got an email from the doctor right now - that another biopsy is needed ... The never ending story thank you for you generosity , time and sharing you knowledge...
  5. Hello I don’t understand what the biopsy-results means- Is it celiac or not: " 'duodenal mucosa showing mild blunting of villi Increased intraepithelial lymphocytes present The finding are non specific ' raise differential diagnosis including peptic or medication injury, e...
  6. hello Is it possible to have Celiac disease with low blood-test results ? TransGlutaminase (IgA) Ab 13 (low positive) Endomysial Ab 1:5 indeterminate IgG - ASCA - 45 positive all other test are normal I have no symptoms thank you for your time