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  1. Everyone - Thanks for the quick responses with all the info. so far. I was asked a number of questions above and here to answer. I am 32 years old and have not ever had my testosterone checked before (I will after this discussion). The only change in my diet that I made just shy of 30 days before any type of dysfunction showed up was when I started incorporating gluten back into it after so many years. My sleep pattern has been off as well (My last two physicals I have had borderline high cholesterol. I was told my blood pressure was fine (don't recall the numbers right off hand). My thought process was that maybe the inflammation caused by the gluten could mess with testorone levels or a certain part of the erection process either directly or indirectly?
  2. I became gluten free in 2011 as I was diagnosed with non-celiac gluten sensitivity. As of the last roughly few months I started to incorporate gluten back into my diet as I was tired of the lifestyle and honestly thought I was healed do to cheating with gluten products and my symptoms were little to nothing - at least at first (I'm a husband with a Lg. family that eat anything they want so I thought let's try it again). However after about the first 30 days along with some more common gluten symptoms creeping in I started experiencing difficulty maintaining an erection when in no time in the past since this time was there ever a problem in that area at all. So I thought it was more so me needing to lose a little weight (240lbs 6' 2") or eat healthier in general. After about 75 days on gluten and nothing else working (lost 10 pounds from exercise) and the problem getting much worst it came to light that it could be the gluten. It was only until now I see that gluten can mess with horomones??? I have been completely gluten free for 10 days since my gluten beige and I haven't had to much change happen in the male area yet. Has anyone had this trouble before and did the ED clear up? Thanks in advance...