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  1. I'm a few years older than you. I have a family member who also eats gluten she's had celaic disease longer than I've been alive. She likes to tell me "oh a bit won't hurt" and I eat gluten here and there" she tells me she gets stomach aches but she ignores them. i stay away from gluten because...
  2. I posted a few weeks ago about being scared to drink the ct scan contrast, I contacted the company who makes it and they told me that it contains gluten. the doctor said "well you have to drink it or we can't do the test." Its like they don't take celaic diease seriously. I've been working...
  3. Thanks for the reply I did and she told me that it does unfortunately. I guess we have to find another test because I'm not drinking it.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm a girl in her early 20s. I have a CT scan tomorrow and they want me to drink the contrast and have the dye since it's been 2 years and I still have stomach problems after going gluten free. im scared to drink the contrast I'm scared it has gluten and the doctor told...