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  1. I insisted on an MRI for both my back and shoulder. I was told I don't need one on both accounts, by both the PT and GP. I said to them, It's my money and my health. Why can't I have one. It's been weeks with no improvement. They said okay, go ahead. I was right on both accounts. You know your...
  2. I would find out for sure WHY you have so much pain. Don't assume it is just a strained muscle. My doctors and physical therapists were wrong about my back as well as my shoulder. I wasted a year and a half in much pain. Here are some ideas, however, It DEPENDS ON WHY you have pain. I try to...
  3. Have you considered having an MRI? I had severe back pain. I had to shuffle like I was 95. Couldn't bend over. My doctor said it was muscle strain and told me to go to PT. My PT told me it was tight hip flexors causing poor posture . After several weeks of therapy, some improvement but...
  4. Wow. 11 years? How many times did you test? Did you have more than one biopsy? Was it because you were gluten free before testing? My GI did mention the genetic testing if necessary. I'm glad you finally got your diagnosis.
  5. I am getting tested now because I am currently seeing a GI because I developed chronic watery D for 6 months now. I had a biopsy of my colon and was positive for lymphocytic colitis for which they have no cure. The GI said there is a high correlation between celiac and LC and since I have other issues...
  6. Thank you. I am going to try to go 12 weeks before the biopsy. I want to get the biggest bang for my buck with what I eat, because I fear this may just be a waste of time. So that is why I am asking what people ate that avoided a false negative. I have read anywhere from 1/2 slice of bread...
  7. My GI wants to test me for celiac. I have microscopic colitis, osteopenia and lactose intolerance. I have been gluten-free for several years now. My doctor says maybe I haven't done a very good job because of cross contamination. I need to do a gluten challenge to be tested. Has anyone...