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  1. Thank you Cyclinglady and Victoria1234 I would be curious to know if anyone has done the gluten challenge for say... 6-8 weeks and had either a positive or false negative result on the endoscopy/biopsy AND the Serology? It will work out best in regards to my insurance deductible to do less than 10 weeks. Thanks everyone!
  2. Thank you both for the replies. The article is very insightful. Right now I am trying to reason with the thought of being miserable for 4-8 weeks to get a diagnosis. I feel so good right now it seems almost not worth it, but I also need to know if something is wrong and if there are potentially any other digestive system issues. I will likely go on a gluten challenge and deal with the side effects... after all, Thanksgiving is coming up
  3. I recently found out I have the DQ8 hetero gene. Because my life was being affected so drastically, I discontinues eating gluten and have started to feel myself. about 90% of my symptoms have resolved during the past 2 weeks of eating gluten-free. Now, I need to decide whether I should continue with a gluten challenge and test for antibodies and do the endoscopy/biopsy. I am one that would be unsettled not knowing whether or not I have Celiac. Does anyone have advice on whether or not I should do a gluten challenge and do further testing to pursue a diagnosis?
  4. Thank you both for the input! Has anyone else had similar symptoms as I and received either a positive or negative diagnosis? Thanks!
  5. I have had a multitude of symptoms for an extended period that have seemed to get worse throughout the past year including: constant fatigue, severe migraine, inability to concentrate, "brainfog," unmotivated, poor mood, diarrhea/constipation, hemorrhoids, etc... for about 6 months I eaten very little gluten. When I eat no gluten for about 1 week, nearly all of these symptoms go away until I eat bread or oatmeal or other gluteny foods. I had a blood test for IgA, TTG, IgG, and TTG IgG Quantitative; all of which returned a negative Celiac diagnosis. BUT, I hadn't eaten gluten for about 2-3 months before this test. I also had an ultrasound which showed a prominent gall bladder and have bilirubin levels at 2.6 with a standard range of .2-1.3. I am seeing a GI next week seeking answers to try to feel normal again. Do you think I may have Celiac, or is it worth testing? Testing would likely mean going on a gluten challenge... Any insight would be very helpful!
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