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  1. Well I was going to attach the copies of the test but it says the file is too large. The stool results are from a "Comprehensive Stool Analysis/Parasitology x3 test by Progressive Medical. Sample 1 had rare RBC, WBC, and Yeast. Sample 2 had Rare yeast. And Sample 3 had Rare RBC and yeast. The yeast amount is in the normal range but it doesn't say anything about RBC health. I'm not sure if a "rare" amount of RBC (in my stool, yes) means anything but this holistic provider thought it meant I needed further investigation. She was also the one who diagnosed me with Celiac though. My grandfather did have colon cancer so maybe she is being precautionary. Other tests from 2017 (don't remember if I was eating gluten that week but I have been on and off for a few months): Blood tests: T-transglutaminase, IgA 4 (range 0-20) IGa Antibody 186 (range 81-463) Antigliadin Abs, IgA 12 (range 0-20) and the REticulin IgA and IgG were negative. Stool tests: Lysozyme 644 (range <600), indicates inflammation Secretory IgA 150 (range 51-204) Saliva test from 2014 (was eating gluten then): sIgA 61.7 range (25.9-136.5) Gliadin IgA (gluten) 18.6 H (normal <6.0) Gliadin Antibody Ration 30.1 H (normal <22.4%) This is pretty confusing... Please let me know what y'all think!
  2. Thanks both of y'all. Do know why I would get an endoscopy over a colonoscopy? Would it help if you knew the gut bacteria test I had ( this is where the red blood cells showed up)? And yes I have an Endo but I'm getting a new one next month who takes insurance!
  3. Hello. I'm looking for some guidance. My ultimate question is do I need to get some more tests done at this point? I don't believe I have enough info for a celiac diagnosis but I have been mostly gluten-free on and off for a couple of years now. 1. I was going to an integrative clinic for some nutritional sensitivity testing and my provider (a NP) discovered I was iron deficient. She then gave me a gene test and I was positive for one of those genes for Celiac. Given this information and some of my symptoms (mostly bloating and gas, occasional diarreah) she diagnosed with with Celiac. I also had trace amounts of red blood cells in my stool which I think she was concerned about. 2. A couple of years ago I was having right abdominal pain/discomfort at the bottom of the rib cage (later figured out this was muscular, I had an ultrasound and everything). At that time, I saw a GI doc who tested me some Celiac antibodies. I barely had eating any gluten in the weeks prior to that (maybe just a couples of pieces of bread or something). He said my antibodies were not indicative of Celiac. 3. I am also dealing with hypothryoidism and I'm working on getting those levels right. So some of my other symptoms (fatigue, weight gain, some joint pain, etc). are likely related to that... Do I have Celiac or do I not? It's really confusing when you get the diagnosis but you don't believe it because I haven't seen a positive antibody yet. I have some odd health problems over the years (large tumor on my ovary- benign, tumor in my thyroid- benign, and sudden right ear deafness) but I have no other diagnosis. I'm guessing I need to go to a GI doc who will test antibodies? Giving up gluten is a HUGE commitment and I never stick to it for more than a few months. I believe I need to know once and for all if I have it or if I am at "high risk" for developing it (given the gene) and that will determine my diet. Any tips or help welcome!