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  1. Thank you i have the colonoscopy on Tuesday and am dreading the prep more than anything lol. I think what ever the outcome I will try a gluten free diet to see if it helps with the symptoms. I've read so many stories of people going gluten free and symptoms such as depression, anxiety, joint pain, stomach issues being a thing of the past I'm really hopeful it could do the same for me thanks again.
  2. It was the TTG test that was done at my local doctors
  3. Thank you for the quick reply Im not sure what test was done as the doc said a celiac test and rang with the results a few days later. I will find out what ones were done I am hoping that with the private doctor he'll use all the tests with the bloods?
  4. Hello Im a 33 year old male and have always suffered with stomach issues, ranging from constipation to diarrhoea, gas and bloating. I've always just put it down to something I've eaten or just one of those things 6 weeks ago (after a very stressful 4-5 weeks) I started having severe diarrhoea and loose stools and awful pressure type pain in my lower stomach. At first I put it down to a sickness bug, but it didn't pass. So then thought maybe food poisoning, which the doctor said it did sound like and asked for a stool sample, which later came back negative. At this point no matter what I ate I had chronic diarrhoea and would go to the toilet 6+ times a day, most days into double figures at the start of the 4th week I went back to the doctor who said they'd need to do a blood sample and explained one of them would be for celiac. I'd never heard of celiac and after doing some research into the symptoms I'd come to the conclusion that it has to be it and that many other symptoms I'd been suffering with for years (as well as the stomach problems there was joint pain, a rash that would appear now and again on both arms near the elbow, fatigue, depression and anxiety). I was sure that would be it and I could finally put the issue to bed and start to feel better....... the results came back normal! And the doctor said "it was a mystery".... she prescribed me coadine, which made me feel really ill the first night I took them with severe stomach cramps and gas Ive since been privately to see a specialist who has taken more bloods and said it does sound like celiac, he's also booked me in for a colonoscopy next week. There is so much that leads me to think it could be celiac not only because of the severe symptoms of the last 6 weeks but also the symptoms I've had for as long as I can remember that I'm really hoping (in a weird way) that it is just so I can then do something about the symptoms I've had for such a long time? But am worried that they will again come back negative and I'll be none the wiser as to what is happening. It's really affected my life over the last 6 weeks and has made my anxiety and depression worse My question is can you have underlying celiac but the symptoms be made 10x worse after a stressful period and does the symptoms I've been suffering with sound like celiac? Thank you and sorry for such a long post.