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  1. Oh that’s interesting to know! My main neurologicaL symptoms have been facial numbness, dizziness, really bad brain fog, minutes of complete confusion and getting all my words muddled up and forgetting words, headaches, pressure in my eyes and vision problems but never loss of vision, fatigue, nausea, chest pains, breathlessness, left side of my face getting stuck for 10/20 seconds like a spasm and the list goes on but some days feel so ill it scares me! But did have weeks in between when I’ve been fine! I have had so many blood test and everything is fine apart from ttg and vitamin D which I have been given tablets for now. I am hoping that it can all be bought under control with diet and that coeliac is the case as I’ve spent so long thinking I have ms which I am hoping is not the case! I will have to see what happens with the biopsy but thinking 41 isn’t really that high compared to what I have seen other people’s results be!
  2. Ah ok thank you! Only because my ttg came back at 41 and am now waiting to see a doctor, not shure what all the numbers mean!
  3. Thank u for replying, My gp said the high normal is 10 and I am 41. Waiting to have my biopsy done. Have been so Ill since last December with lots of neurological problems have had brain mri and have a small lesion on my brain but not necciserily connected to ms but have to have a repeat scan. After having stomach issues for years my gp did the celiac blood test and I’m hoping I can get some answers and make myself better as my neurologist has said all my neurological symptoms could be connected to the celiac.
  4. Can I just ask what Is the difference between tt igg and tt Iga?
  5. I have just had my blood tests for coeliac and one was normal I’m guessing that was iga and my other was 41 which I think was the ttg which I guessed was pretty high but have now seen people getting results of 300! So now I’m thinkong mine isn’t very high and maybe I don’t have coeliac? What were other people results and outcomes?